How Does 33 Work?

The Art & Science of Breaking $10K/Month Into Tiny Bites

$10,000 per month comes out to $120,000 per year.

While that's by no means a fortune - but it's easy to see why you might feel that kind of money is out of reach.

The 33 Celsius Newsletter was created with the specific purpose of making $10,000 each month more achievable.

We break it down to put it all in a very realistic reach.

$10K/month breaks down to $333/day.

Does $333/day still feel a little daunting?

OK, let's break it down again, this time, to the hour.

$333/day = $33/hr (this figure is based on a 10-hour "work" day).

Thirty three dollars sure does feel a lot more accessible, doesn't it ?

=== Get These Bricks ===

Each issue of the 33 Celsius Newsletter will contain what we call "bricks".

These bricks are what you'll use to build your path to $10K/month.

Some of these bricks could contribute as little as $25 towards the 10K goal, while others might bring you more than halfway there.

These bricks can come in the form of:

- Case studies

- Business ideas

- Growth strategies

- Trend alerts

- Joint venture recommendations

- Tax tips

=== Can It be 33eed? ===

Each brick will be evaluated on its ability to be 33eed.

We'll determined this on the basis of time and cost investment as well as sustainability and scalability.

This will help you to pick bricks that accommodate your specific needs.

Keep the ones that work, discard that ones that don't.

=== The C33 Mindset ===

"Does it actually have to be cash money that brings you to $333?"

Let's take something you might need to operate your business.

If you were to earn the equivalent of $100 towards your $333 daily goal & someone paid you with a roll of 100 stamps ($100 value), then logically, that should count, as you would've used part of your $10K to buy stamps.

This also means credit card rewards count.

If you acquire any of your needs without having to pay for it. (Strong emphasis on needs and not desires/wants).


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