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“Can't recommend this enough for barbers now that we live in a digital world. The Barbers Marketing Association gives you all you need to bring customers in so you can focus on what you do best.”

​Dino Caracciolo

​Dino Caracciolo / ​Crown Shaving Co.

Why ​Join The Barbers Marketing Association?

​Advanced growth-focused Strategies made simple.

​You'll learn, in simple-to-follow steps, how to implement marketing practices that will increase your client base and maximize the value of each visit.



​You'll ​find out how to streamline your operations & create procedures that'll ensure all additional shops bearing your ​brand will deliver consistent quality and 5-star ratings.


Private Label discounts

​Want to add a product line with your shop's brand so you can make money without trading time? BMA members get a generous discount on our private label products.

​Benefits of ​membership

​Focus on what you love As we grow your ​ brand

​The DappChap Barbers Marketing Association was created because we know barbers and understand that they don't enjoy marketing (at least past Instagram, any way).

​As an association member, we provide you with the tools you need to thrive at what you love.


​Marketing for Barbers

​You'll get marketing specifically designed for the needs of barbers and the nature of the industry. No cookie-cutter BS here.



​Whether you plan on expanding into a franchise or you just want to expand your roster of clients, we've got the (proven) tools to make it happen.


​Emphasis on Automation

​This isn't the 1950s anymore - Barbers CAN expect ​monthly automated payments & we'll show you how to set it up (easy!)


​Ahead of the Curve

​We mix time-tested marketing techniques with channels that are working best in the present.

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​Put decades of proven marketing strategies to use to get the biggest piece of your local market & more...


​We've researched, tested and proven formulas that make businesses in highly competitive industries flourish.