If You’ve Ever Wanted To Have Don Draper’s Prestigious Job & Financial Success, Here’s How He Did It:


Don Draper may be a fictional character, but he was based on a very real and highly successful business man by the name of David Ogilvy.

The success you watched Draper achieve on the screen was based on the scientific advertising that made his real-life counterpart a very (VERY!) wealthy man.

Now, you’re about to discover just how simple that science is…and how you can build a business from words.

Yes…your read correctly – how you can build a business with words.

DappChap has put together an extensive course for you and all other chaps who would like to either boost their careers or start a business of their own.

It’s called the Dopamine Doctrine and covers EVERY SINGLE step the real life Don Draper followed to create a multi-million dollar business from nothing.

Just some of the highlights of what you’ll learn from the course include:

  • How an American novelist who’s considered an English Lit student’s “worst nightmare” is one of the most successful authors specifically because he breaks all the rules. You’ll see how his style will boost your business results
  • The #1 habit that, if you do it for just a few hours a month, will radically alter the quality of the emails you craft & sharpen your marketing intuition like never before
  • How a punk rock purist and recovered dope-fiend not only saved thousands of original thinkers from marginal thinking, but also created a writing style worthy of A-list copywriters without even knowing it
  • Are you a little too “ordinary” or “vanilla” to captivate an email list and foster a profitable relationship with your readers? That’ll change completely after your read this
  • The Beer & Chicken Wings Formula: Every time you take a 15 to 30 minute walk and apply this formula, you’ll see your response rates get on a continuous climb
  • Stop over-estimating the (not-so) big secret behind writing copy that flows. Follow This framework and you’ll never overlook the (profitably) obvious again

The Cult of Growth Hacking:

In section two of the Dopamine Doctrine course, you’ll guided far away from the pack and shown how to build a mailing list of leads that are warm and very receptive to your sales offers.

Here is a quick list of the lessons you’ll get:

  • The vital mindshift I embraced to grow my list – you’ll see exactly how to mentally focus your approach (this isn’t fluffy woo-woo crap – it’s quite strategic)
  • You’ll see how I got a 65% response rate from entrepreneurs I approached to come on as affiliates for a past product launch
  • Blast from the past: want priceless insights you can get from a 1987 book that compiled what tactics low-tech attention hackers used to get worldwide media attention
  • How to sell VIPs what master salesman Frank Bettger referred to as ‘the will to listen’
  • A simple 5-item package you can create in a simplified rinse & repeat fashion that can expose your work to thousands of new subscribers
  • How to send an attention-arresting piece of paper that guarantees at least 30 seconds of attention for mere pennies
  • Get the writing hacks of a home-based entrepreneurial dad used to get the attention of the Food Network and make millions of dollars as a self-publisher
  • Creating irresistible calls-to-action: Find out what a freight train riding hobo did to get one of his friends to travel across the country by freight train…for something worth $10.

Whether you sell physical consumer goods, consulting services or membership sites, the insights contained in this courses will completely change the way you look at starting your next business (or altering the model of your present enterprise).


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