Why are so many men OK with being ordinary?


Being Ordinarybeing ordinaryLast post, I touted the merits of subscribing to the DappChap eMagazine which launches on January 1st, 2018.

Time to amp it up a notch or two.

In this lil’ missive, I want to ask the question that’s leading to the launch of that very eMagazine…

“Why are so many dudes OK with being ordinary?”

Now, when talking about ordinary, we’re not talking about failing to donning capes and saving the world from super-villains.

We’re not even talking about men failing to aim for the elitism of billionaires, pro-athletes, super-models or even mercs for hire (jeez).

The question being asked is…

…why do so many millions of men NOT strive to live a better life than they’re accepting right now?

Why do they accept the spare tire they’ve gained (despite secretly despising it)?

How do hours of TV save them from 50 hours of work per week?

Making peace with not getting any nookie at all? What?

And what about brain rot? (yep – it’s very real)?

OK – sh*t’s getting a little deep.

Doesn’t have to be this complicated.

Look, we all have one life to live and to make things nice and simple, the DappChap eMagazine is meant to help men optimize their lives against the above-mentioned challenges.

No capes or fighting super-villains required.

Same goes for Zoolandering your way onto the cover of GC or Sports Illustrated – so unnecessary.

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Time To Talk Travel (The Ultimate Life Less Ordinary)

Travel – it truly is imperative to personal growth.

In fact, if more people went out into the great wide open and forced themselves to discover the realities of others, Brexit and Trump never would have happened.

Caveat: there’s a clear-cut case to be made for WHAT kind of travel to engage in.

Don’t do what I’m about to do in 5 days – hit a resort (still can’t believe I’m doing it) and claim to have discovered a different perspective.

I’ve only stayed at a resort once before (only because booking resort + flight was $500 cheaper than a straight flight) and it gave me a very negative perspective.

The locals working the resort were operating artificially.

It was all about trying to squeeze tips and gifts from you and nothing more.

The decor and music was just a manufactured product of what the west thinks is a genuine representation of the local culture.

As for the other people staying at the resort, they showed me a very ugly side of themselves.

– There was the King For A Day, who’d bark out his orders to barmen and servers like he owned them, trying to make up for the fact that he’s an impotent pee-on back home.

– Who could forget the aging lasses who had just watched “How Stella Got Her Groove Back” and were inspired to instantly book a ticket south to go on the prowl? (Whether watching this spectacle drunk or sober, it is most very cringe-worthy).

– And how can I forget the Taostesses Lady? Each morning, calling out to her husband “George, can you get me more toastesses and butter?”

So by now, you might be wondering, “John, WTF would you go to a resort if you make it sound so bad?”

For a girl, silly.

When the DappChap eMagazine launches in January, the travel tips and insights you’ll get will steer you far, far, far away from the dreaded Toastesses Lady.

Just a taste of what you can expect from DappChap’s tips:

  • Which countries to visit that are not popular senough to be flooded with tourists, but still safe
  • How to mingle with locals, even if a language barrier stands between you
  • Crafty ways to keep yourself safe, even in questionable locales
  • Hone a Jedi-like ability to spot a scam a mile away
  • Secret ways to get the most bang for your buck (even if the country you’re visiting is a lot cheaper than home)
  • Best places to meet women in the locales you visit

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With tips like these, not only will you feel like you’ve packed two months of travel into two weeks, you’ll feel like a genuine part of the country you visited and have a whole lot more to tell your friends about your trip than how nice the hotel buffet was.

It might even get you addicted to a life of travel.

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