Best Men’s Haircuts This Week: Going Slick

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Now, this is how you own on a receding hairline. ( @justin_balsamo_ )

For more ideas on how to work with a receding hairline, check out this guide and be sure to take a look at how Sean Connery has been dealing with it over the years.

Love the blend of slick and fluffy going on over here ( @rafamrqzpeluqueros )

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An awesome slick back job that allows for other features (like sick art work to stand out). Great look for a beach visit (whenever the hell those become legal again…) ( @danielwhitty )

Reason this hairstyle works so well is the way it’s counterbalanced with a light beard. The barber behind this clearly has an eye for symmetry. ( @luismiguelferreiraa )

Are you sick and tired of hearing the term ‘unprecedented times’ yet? The upshot to these times is how these surgical masks contrast a great look. With nothing to focus on but the features above the nose, you can help but admire the great work done on this silvering mane. ( )

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