Before You Blow Your Wad This Xmas…

If you’re going to blow your wad on gifts, at least get one for yourself.

dappchap-coffee-lipbalmPersonally, I think Christmas blows.

I mean, it’s a time where people who act like self-centered a-holes the rest of the year fake it up and pretend like they’re better people than they actually are.

It’s a time when crappy pop covers of tired classic songs get fired out of a cannon and somehow reach the top of the charts.

It’s a time when visiting some multi-purpose stores (like the big “W”) for milk and bananas becomes perilous as the aisles become littered with ankle-biters begging their useless parents to buy them crap.

No, I’m not being a grinch.

Just calling a spade a spade.

So then, what is this X-mas tirade all about?

Well, like most humans living in the west, you’ll likely be expected to buy at least a couple of people gifts.

Feels like an obligation.

No one likes those.

So while sipping on some gin and mulling over the new year to come, we came up with the ultimate Quid Pro Quo for you.

We’ve recently expanded into Etsy after having a couple of problems come up with Amazon.

We need to build things up asap on Etsy and we thought that reaching out to you, a DappChap subscriber would be the best approach.

If you check out the DappChap store here… you’ll see that the main product is lip balm.

Yes, we do love lip balm and if you happen to be a gent who requires some serious lip care you can always count on, you’ll love this stuff too.

Only premium natural ingredients go into our products, meaning you’ll never turn into the balm junky the drug store brands turn you into with deliberately harmful ingredients.

So here’s how we can help each other:

Looking at the shop selection, you’ll see that there are three flavors of single-tube lip balm:



Unscented Beeswax

Buy any single tube and we’ll send you a complimentary 3-pack, for a total of 4 tubes.

In effect you’re getting a value of $18.99 for only $4.99 – NO shipping costs.

Oh, we’re not done yet…

ADDED BONUS: IF, after receiving your balms, you leave us a review, we’ll send you a complimentary body scrub as a thank you for your valuable time.

Have any questions prior to ordering?

Just hit us up here.