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Common Strategy Call Topics:

Audience Assessment

Dialing in your approach to your intended audience is vital to turning your brand into a thriving culture & community.

Content Planning

The most challenging part of the equation - I'll help you develop reliable content creation systems.

Launch Pad

Whether you've already got plans to go live or starting from scratch, we can design launch together.

Growth Engine

Already publishing a newsletter and ready to start growing? Let's get you on track to expand your reach.

 Hi there...

I'm John Breese

Over the past 16 years, I've written....

My goal for you is to use our strategy call to help you build a plan that works specifically for you and your business.  

No cookie-cutter approaches, we tailor the action steps most suitable to your lifestyle and business.

John took content and testimonials we already had on file to create an innovative lead generation campaign that has been converting cold traffic on a level like we haven't seen in a long time.

The amount of research that went into the project as well as the marketing intuition that went into the execution was very impressive.

Geoff Ronning - CEO,

John is fast, thorough, and above all talented.

He writes words that sell, but more
importantly than that, he writes them in a way that captures YOUR voice, and allows you to continue with YOUR core message.

His gift for mimicry is really incredible.

John Romaniello - WellSpring Media / Roman Fitness Systems

Most people run from problems.

John's the opposite - he runs towards them with open arms.

He will zero in on your challenges and obstacles and systematically eliminate them with innovative solutions.

Jason Goncalves - CEO, PermaBrands