DappChap Episode 4: Catch Me If You Can (The Secret Sauce)


how_to_look_stylishEver wish you could fake being a pilot, doctor or lawyer to shortcut your way to wealth and women?

I think it’s safe to safe to say that after watching Catch Me If You Can, every guy kinda thought about the possibilities and fantasized a little.

Today, I’m going to talk to aepisode is “essence” and if you really scrutinize what most of the girls who were charmed by Leo DiCaprio’s Frank Abaganale were drawn to his allure.

Can this same allure be replicated in part with something as simple as aromas and textures? Yes!

So to show you how aromas and textures can add allure to your game, I chose to look at the Jack Dean line of grooming products.

The brand crafted a wicked story about this Frank Abagnele-esque character who is equal parts entrepreneur, explorer, engineer, inventor and author – so technically, he went even further than Frank Abagnale did and never went to jail for it.

Then again, it’s easy to avoid jail when you don’t really exist – that’s right, Jack Dean is a fictional character, but the products crafted in his name bring very real benefits to the table. So here are a few of the items I sampled from the line:

The Eucalyptus Thickening Shampoo – If you checked out episode #2 where I talk about using Argan Oil to help thicken my fine hair, then you can understand that I’d like to find the same in my shampoo. Did this one deliver? Yes.

The smell is not bad by any stretch – I’m not a fan of the eucalyptus odor, but the shampoo did deliver on its promise to thicken hair.

Macadamia Conditioning Shampoo – loved the aroma of this one and yes, the hair did get softer. Truth be told, I felt this one hit the spot when it comes to thickening the hair and with the more pleasant aroma, iI’d choose it over the Eucalyptus thickening shampoo.

Bay Rum Body Scrub Bar – I was really excited about this one in the beginning. Smells totally awesome and the sponge really feels great the first couple of times, but after shower #5 or #6, this scrub bar seems to run out of juice pretty quickly. What makes this even more tragic is the price of the bar.

You’d be better off buy a regular bar of bay rum soap and scrubbing yourself with a loofah.

Wanna see if the Jack Dean products give you that Catch Me If You Can feeling?

I’ve got three sets of the Macadamia Conditioning Shampoo and the Eucalyptus Thickening Shampoo to send your way.

Next episode, we’re going to run through a list of common foods we eat that accelerate aging.

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