How to Get as Much as $750 of Email Copy for ONLY $175 (without paying your copywriter)

This is NOT a discount offer - it's the first of it's kind and you'll need to read or watch to find out why...

For years prior to launching DappChap and its skincare line, I've served as a direct response copywriter and digital marketing specialist to businesses in several industries.

As I became more obsessed with my passion (marketing in general), I developed an affinity for writing email copy.

This passion has helped my clients benefit from more sales, the lifetime value of their customers shot right up and I've even revived former winning products that had been in the dregs for ages.

As part of my retirement from offering copywriting & marketing services, I’m offering the ultimate quid pro quo.

It's a very different kind of offer - not all people will "get it"...

...even though it's remarkably simple to understand.

First, let me reveal the initial part of my offer: the cost of my specialty, email marketing, is getting drastically slashed.

Now here's where some people get perplexed -

...I’ll craft your next high-converting email sequence in exchange for you buying units of my skincare company’s latest product releases.

The Dirty Details...

Typically, my fee structure for writing email copy is $250 per email.

However, if you take this goodbye-offer your emails will come out to $56.98 AND you’ll also come away with remarkably healthier skin.

So then - how do we do this?

In 4 simple steps, amigo…

Step #1 - Please contact me first to discuss what your product or service is. What you offer might not be a fit, so it’s best we get that out of the way first.

Step #2 - If we choose to work together on your email sequence, you’ll need to order ONE unit of this item and ONE unit of this item for each email you would like written.

Step #3 - Once you’ve ordered the items, forward your receipt and I’ll reserve a spot for your email sequence.

Final Step - After your items arrive, leave a review on Amazon, let me know you’ve reviewed them and your reservation will be fully confirmed.

Why Am I Giving 

Such a Deep Discount?

Because this is about more than money.

If you have any experience selling on Amazon, you’re probably well aware of how challenging getting initial traction is.

By having you buy my products on Amazon as a means to getting your email copy written, you are helping me:

  • Get reviews which are a currency in and of themselves. Even if the reviews aren’t stellar, the mere appearance of those little yellow stars tells shoppers that people are buying this item.

  • Boosting the seller’s rank: this one helps send the item to the top of Amazon’s charts. It also helps because if you buy any other items while buying mine, it creates a loop that exposes my item to shoppers who are viewing other items.

I’ll reiterate one more time - this is a chance to get up to a 3-email sequence that would’ve cost you $750 for only $175.

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