Create A Cult Of Personality


Did you hand-write that letter I gave you in lesson one?

If the answer is “No” then you might want to re-think how you use the Dopamine Doctrine.

I can’t emphasize enough how writing out successful copy by hand will help sharpen up your own copywriting skills, as well as help you THINK like the marketer your market needs.

Let’s keep moving forward.

I’m part of a mastermind group that is full of business owners and marketers, who are new to the craft of email marketing.

Aside from struggles with generating subject matter, finding a voice that hooks readers and connects with them is definitely one of their top issues.

Earlier, I made you a promise to reveal the inspiration for the writing style I’ve adopted and honed for not only my blog, but all the copywriting I do, and here it is: EyeHateGod.

“Say what?!”

email marketing<<< EyeHateGod is a long-running underground sludge-metal band and their frontman, Michael D. Williams was the inspiration for my writing style.

See, part of my youth was spent growing up in a bland suburban town on the northern edge of Toronto.

To call this town sterile and utterly devoid of culture is being charitable (It’s a great place to go to die, however).

I was an angry, young teenager desperate for the opposite of what this suburb had to offer.

When I discovered EyeHateGod, I was instantly hooked on the lyrics Williams had written for his band.

Those lyrics introduced me to a slew of new English words.

And I’m not talking about pompous $50 words. Just words that are rarely used and not very well-known and for that very reason, these words are attention-grabbers.

While Williams’ approach to writing lyrics was very inspirational, it was his next professional move that would change everything for me.

Williams would go on to become a featured writer for Metal Maniacs, one of the most popular heavy metal magazines devoted to this music genre.

His journalistic style proved every bit as captivating as his song lyrics and compelled me to keep a dictionary within reach at all times.

While other writers for the magazine got my attention for about 60% of their pieces, Williams had me roped in from byline to sign-off.

It’s not that he had any kind of literary super-powers.

He merely channeled both his inner-dialogue and the exact way he explains things to his buddies while having a beer with them and projected them onto the page (This is something we’ll get into in a few pages).

Far too many people over-estimate the big secret behind writing copy that flows.
However, when it comes to engagement, it really does boil down to writing the way every-day people talk when in the company of friends.

The Persona Behind The Conversation


Why should you create a persona?

There are many great reasons and none of them have anything to do with having something to hide.

Ever hear the name Eben Pagan?

Those who’ve made Eben a wealthy man know him as David D’Angelo, master at the art of seduction (Google ‘Double Your Dating’).

When Eben released his book Double Your Dating, he was working as a real estate agent.

Given that a real estate agent’s name is his stock-in-trade, it’s understandable why Eben would take on a nom de plume once he started selling dating advice.

Avoiding market confusion or the dissolution of your personal brand is a great reason to take on a persona.

A persona is your permission to communicate exactly the way you see fit in order to engage.

Quick side-note: whether you’re a wrestling fan or not, I’d strongly recommend you watch the biopic of Randy “Macho Man” Savage.

Savage was smaller than other wrestlers, and while he was exceptionally athletic, the size difference between himself and his opponents forced him to place a lot of emphasis on his persona.

He pulled it off so well, that the audience completely forgot about his smaller size.

You don’t need a pen name, for your persona to come into play – plenty of people apply a persona to their real identities in order to strike a deeper chord with their audience / customer base:

  • Michael Dubin (Dollar Shave Club)
  • Howard Stern
  • Vince McMahon (WWE)
  • Howie Mandel

All of us have different sides to our personalities.

Your persona is merely meant to serve an extension of the most exuberant, enthusiastic part of your personality.


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