DappChap 6: Entrepreneurship From The Founder of Maxim


Welcome to Episode #6 of the DappChap show and I think it’s about time that we finally start talking about entrepreneurship.

There are many ways a man can better himself: a proper diet, exercise and using grooming products that are better for your health.

But there is something very profound that takes place when a chap chooses to be the master of his own fate and decides to become an entrepreneur.

Now before we get into the 4 reasons why having your own business is an awesome idea, let’s quickly go through some of the cons, which those online marketers who keep books in their garages next to their lambos won’t tell you. 

Con #1 – in the initial stages of starting a new business, you’ll be working a lot. This isn’t for everyone and working obscene hours has been known to burnout and give up on the dream.

Con #2 – unless you’re lucky enough to have other people lend you their money to get your venture started, you can count on having less of the green stuff for a little while.

Con #3 – you might have to say goodbye to your friends for a little while…starting a business can be every bit as time consuming as raising a baby.

Alright, that’s it for the cons, now let’s look at WHY you should invest your time, money and sweat into building your own business:

  • The Money – Once things start to pick up (which is far from immediate), the money is gauged by your effort, unlike a job which only pays a salary.


  • Self-Esteem – It won’t always be easy, but there’s just something awesome about being able to tell people that you own your own business.


  • Meeting girls – you’ll find that a lot of women show a great deal of interest when the old question of “what do you do?” comes up and you tell them you run your own show.


  • Liberation – I could take a while to get there, and this also depends on the nature of what you offer and your business model, but you could very well find yourself being able to take substantial breaks from having to work.


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