DappChap Recipes: How To Make Lebanese Potatoes

Lebanese Potato Recipe

Now, we’re not going to sit here and have a debate about carbs. Potatoes might be chock full of the starch and that’s not the most ideal thing to throw down the hatch, but if you balance things out well on your plate, this is ok.

Actually, it’s more than just OK – it’s f*cking awesome!

This Lebanese Potato Recipe also makes for great date food that will no doubt win your love interest’s heart.

How’s it made?

Well, first, you either have to have roasted a chicken prior to making this recipe or know a guy, who knows a guy that has a connection to some kick-ass chicken fat (you could also use duck fat).

Got your fat?

OK – here we go:

  1. Dice them spuds into wedges that are about as thick as the tip of your thumb.
  2. Add at least half a bulb of fresh garlic.
  3. You’d better have some bay leaves in the cupboard, because that shit’s going on next.
  4. Next herb in the mix is oregano.
  5. Optional: some fresh cilantro would be great, but some feel it’s just too much flavor (cook wisely, Jedi!)
  6. Slice up two lemons and thoroughly squeeze them over the potatoes and leave them in for the cook.

Place that pan of holy goodness into the roaster at a temperature of 400 degrees for 30 minutes.

Pairs very well with pork and red wine.

Added bonus: you’ll be the envy of the office when you take the leftovers in for lunch – be sure not to share, that only encourages the mooches.

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