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I’ve been inspired to write this course on the art of contrarian email marketing by a friend’s need to learn both of this art quickly on account of a business opportunity.

The last thing I want is for this friend to learn her email marketing from the wrong sources, especially when selling by email can make or break a new venture.

You know what wrong sources I’m talking about:

The “experts” who crank out paint-by-numbers “strategies” [read: inbox Pablum] that bore subscribers all the way to the unsubscribe link.

Email marketing can be very challenging when you don’t understand that it goes beyond sending your list discounts and bulk sales packages.

This course is split into three parts.

I’m keeping the first part brief because it’s up to you to decide if you want to sharpen your email copywriting skills instead of relying solely on using the templates.

The reason you shouldn’t skip this training is it will help you get even more out of your templates.

Part two focuses on showing you how to build your list by going against the grain and, as a result, get warm leads instead of buying cold ones on PPC.

The third part not actually being content from you to learn from, but your first 21 copyright-free templates.

My Own Writing Genesis
Put Under The Scope:

You’d be pretty shocked to learn where I got the inspiration for the successful writing style I use today (We’ll get to that in a moment).

In the meantime, I’ll tell you this much…

Before I got into marketing, I had a blog on which I wrote exactly the way I wanted to write.

As I gravitated into the marketing arena and away from that blog, I felt a need to leave that writing style behind and adopt a more formal one.


Not just for my audience, but for me, too.

Thankfully, my marketing career steered me towards an opportunity in a highly-competitive industry.

Let’s just say that no kid gloves were required when sending emails to this market.

In fact, disregarding formality altogether when writing to this market proved to be the essential foundation for building the relationship with this market.

While I may have moved on from the adult entertainment industry, I now apply my writing style to every niche / sector I work in.

It really doesn’t matter who you’re marketing to.

Whether it’s CEOs or mechanics – in today’s blip-a-second world, we’re pumped full of information every waking moment of the day.

We’ve lost that human connection.

I’m highly allergic to clichés, but when you hear someone telling you that building a relationship with your audience is essential, that’s not just a line of chest-thumping marketing BS.

Treating your subscribers to some humor and lightening up your approach is the way to connect with them, build familiarity and foster intimacy.

Yes, some subscribers might not “get it” and leave your list simply because they’ve been conditioned to expect formal, sterile missives in their inbox. Let it be.

This will be OK.

It’ll be OK because it’ll serve to improve the overall performance of your email marketing.


Follow this link to one of the most successful direct response marketing campaigns in history. Take the time to hand-write the letter as it will help you capture the writer’s processes and understand how to write messages that sell on a deeper level.

See you in the next lesson.


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