Facebook Snakeoil


Over the past few weeks, you may have noticed ads appearing in your Facebook feed with a certain gentleman promising to help you generate a retirement income from a mere C-Note.

Not going to give him a name-check. Let’s just call him Fake Woody Allen.

All you have to do is follow a “simple script” that Fake Woody Allen cobbled together.

Funny thing is, when you click on his ad to learn more about the script, it is not mentioned anywhere in the offer.

Instead of the script, there is a half-hearted promise to get you on the crypto-gravy train in time for when Amazon announces that it’ll be accepting crypto payments at its next shareholder meeting.

Might Fake Woody Allen actually be right?

Well, Amazon did register,, and recently, so there might indeed be something there.

That is, of course, until you size up the math.

> Bitcoin can process 7 transactions per second

> Ethereum can process 15 transactions per second

Amazon, when selling in peak times, processes a whopping 600 sales per second.

Given that the big A’s entire M.O. is all about delivering a superior customer experience, throttling transactions for several hours would be a major brand faux pas.

Where the crypto winds may be blowing for Amazon…

If there’s anything to be learned from Amazon’s past moves is that they like to sell pieces of the operating stacks the company runs on.

Case in point: AWS.

While Amazon may not accept Bitcoin anytime soon, there’s no reason for them not to (eventually) create their own alt-coin, have the public pump value into it and then adopt it as a payment method once it hits its apex value.

Buffet Belly – The Struggle Is real

If you’re like many North Americans, you may have headed off to a tropical resort to stave off the initial bite of winter in December.

While at your all-inclusive you may have noticed a few things.

Like that ONE guy who is already tanked by 10 am and never leaves the ten foot radius of the bars on the premises.

Then there’s that one couple that always picks the same prime lounging chairs by the pool and spend 8 hours a day lounging in what appears like a comatose state.

But it’s once you get home that you truly take notice of what was going on during the trip.

You may have buffet belly.

There are countless articles all over the net that’ll give you “tips”, “insights” and “strategies” on how to avoid binge-eating at all-inclusive resorts.

That’s all well and good, until you remember that as humans we are repelled with the thought of restraint – we’re all about cures.

The leading cure for buffet belly: intermittent fasting

Chances are that if you made a few return-visits to the resort’s dessert counter, you may also have been guilty of the excessive tipple.

Alcohol has a way of contributing to weight gain in the most brutal way possible (they don’t call beer liquid bread for nothing).

Since you just got back from a land of abundant wobbly-water, maybe giving up alcohol altogether for 2 to 4 weeks isn’t such a bad idea. As an added bonus, going without alcohol also boosts your immune system, reducing your chances of getting colds through the rest of winter.

You’ll deflate a whole lot faster without adding any more of it into your system.

Don’t forget to stock up on the water!


PTSD is no joke, even if you have a few celebrities out there claiming to suffer from it because they “became too successful” (yes, for real).

Researchers have scrambled to resolve this issue for years, but most recently someone came up with an intriguing hypothesis:

Can vibrations be enough to help those suffering from PTSD get back in check?

Staff at the Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center seem to think so.

They refer to it as “self-optimization“.

So far, it’s only been tested on 18 people, so the jury’s still out, but it makes for an intriguing alternative to anti-depressants.

Jacob’s Ladder or Lucy’s Sky of Diamonds?

Got that one friend on Facebook who’s pushing the idea that LSD is not a narcotic, but a legit therapy for mental health issues?

He’s not wrong.

The thing with LSD is that it did actually start as a bonafide therapeutic, but lost its favor.

While word is still out on brain vibration therapy, hallucinogen therapy is now being seriously reexamined.

How can LSD combat PTSD?

All humans are saddled with a part of their brains known as the “lizard brain”, which is responsible for reactionary thinking.

At the center of the “lizard brain” is formally known as the amygdala, which generates fear and anxiety for the purpose of self-preservation.

It’s this part of the brain that aggravates PTSD, and leads to the generation of anxiety in situations that don’t warrant any need for worry.

Studies have been showing that LSD has been suppressing the amygdala, thereby relieving excessive anxiety.

Before The Brown Acid…

Allen Ginsburg. Ken Kesey. Hunter S. Thompson. Aldous Huxley.

Many high-profile outsiders and musicians contributed to the popularization of LSD, but it was silver-screen icon, Carey Grant who really put LSD on the narco-map. Grant used it for therapeutic reasons, but it wasn’t long before it’s recreational benefits were discovered.

Psilocybin, better known as magic mushrooms (LSD’s organic cousin) is also being considered for its ability to unlock suppressed emotions and trauma.

Confessions of a Growth Hacking Peacock

There are some very (VERY) big plans over here for DappChap, which include expansion into the wholesaling of hte product line as well as providing private label services to other brands.

Of course, getting to that point takes an audience.

Building an audience was easier than Kim Kardashian back in 1999.

Still pretty doable in 2005.

A monumental struggle in 2018.

Much as you may frown on things like SPAM or brazen networking…it is what needs to be done to gain traction.

Enter Vincent Dignan with some of the best growth hacking tips you’ll find this side of a three-dollar bill.

Recommendation: Watch the video two to three times and take notes (and above all…IMPLEMENT).

“Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I’m not sure about the universe.”

― Albert Einstein

How long until you


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