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​what separates the DappChap newsletter from all others?

Because our subscribers are treated as insiders ​& get all the good stuff before anyone else. That's Why.

Here are just SOME of the reasons our subscribers love being a part of our community:

- Get our latest products FREE. Yes, that's right - we're constantly developing more men's grooming and fashion products and as a subscriber, you get first try at what comes out of the DappChap production center​. Best of all - you are not a guinea pig. All of our products are crafted with 100% natural ingredients, so your health is always assured.

- We have many partners with premium men's grooming and lifestyle products who would also love to have you try their products so they can hear what you think.

- Our community cares: unlike so many other blogs or online forums for men, we cover the lifestyle and health concerns men really want and need to hear about...even if you're not aware you need to hear about it.