Outright Thievery is the Sincerest Form of Flattery

organ meat benefits

Hindsight in 2020

organ meat benefits

Yep – it’s been a while since you’ve seen anything from DappChap in your inbox.

There is, however, a fantastic reason for this.

See, when DC originally launched, it was all about helping Chaps lock in their own personal fountains of youth by way of all-natural skincare products devoid of chemically improper nasties.

While this shall continue to be, it shall only continue as part of something bigger.

Going into 2020, DappChap will be focusing on the fountain of youth from both the INSIDE and OUT.

What this means is that there’ll be a greater focus on the ketogenic lifestyle (notice how the d-word was left out there).

This keto-based focus will include new product lines such as supplements (protein powders / vitamins) right up to capsules of desiccated organ meat.

Yes – you did read that right.

One of the products on the horizon will be capsules of dried out grass-fed beef livers, kidneys and tripe.

The health benefits of downing organs will be covered in the future, but rest assured, the gains you get from gnawing on these meats is massively underrated.

How long until you


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“Good artists copy, Great artists steal”

– Pablo Picasso

If you have any kind of business, artistic passion or any worthwhile endeavor that requires hard work, heed the following example with careful attention.

Here in the west, originality is grossly over feted.

Since childhood, we’re implored to come up with new ideas no one else has dreamed up before and in doing so, we can expect to be rewarded.

Coming up with brand new ideas is hard. It’s made even harder when you think you’ve re-invented the wheel and put your labor of ingenuity out there and…no one gives a 💩.

Recently, DappChap has seen the release of a course on the Ketogenic lifestyle and given the amount of work that goes into product launches, originality was seen more as a hindrance than anything else.

So I went with a direct swipe of an ad you may have seen on Facebook for a copywriting course by Sean Vosler, which you can check out here.

You can watch the DappChap swipe here.

If you’re involved in any kind of publishing, it’s pretty much guaranteed that this will be the leading video marketing format in 2020, so get your digs in before it loses it’s appeal.


The Content Geyser Is About To Erupt

Another 2020 goal for DappChap is for the brand’s content to become your go-to companion for your morning coffee or evening sip of gin.

The YouTube channel will be rife with new episodes for you to abuse the company wifi with.

And, by popular suggestion, there will be a greater focus on content related to dating.

As you read this work is underway on a guide that’ll walk you through the delicate art of turning you Twitter crush into an actual IRL date.

Twitter is a vast landscape of rebound-seeking princesses and fiery divorcees who are far less clever than they think they are and you can count on DC to help you navigate these torrid waters without setting off the ol’ creep-o-meter…

…so be sure to keep opening these missives.

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