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Learning how to live this lifestyle solves many of the most dangerous and challenging health problems our western diets threaten us with on a daily basis...

So, What makes keto so effective at burning fat, fighting diseases & enhancing your overall health?

First of all, you may have noticed that the term 'lifestyle' was highlighted and bolded.

That was done with a purpose - to make sure you come into this with the idea of keto as a lifestyle and not a diet.

Diets are typically fads or quick fixes.

Keto was initially developed in the 1920's to treat epilepsy and was quite popular for almost 20 years.

Why did it disappear? Well, it didn't disappear - it was buried by Big Pharma so it could sell epileptics their
anticonvulsant drugs.

Corporate players in the prescription drug and food industries fear keto because they're seeing millions of their customers realize they don't need their products to heal their bodies and stay healthy naturally.

Day by day more people are breaking the destructive cycle egged on by corporate America to indulge in the over-consumption of unhealthy food and then solve the resulting health problems with a dependence on prescription drugs.

Enjoy a greater degree of mental clarity & increased producitvity.

Enjoy the occasional 'McSnack' - with keto, your system will be able to burn it.

Eliminate inflammation & enjoy looser, unrestricted movement.

You're going to discover, in very plain & simple language - How Your Body REALLY Works.

It's perfectly natural if you feel confused when you find yourself bombarded by so many different "experts" or organizations telling you how to eat.

Our government used to insist on having you eat up to 8 slices of bread a day. Today, we all clearly know how harmful that level of consumption happens to be - and yet, this was pushed on us by elected officials we were meant to trust.

Our schools were no better, with home-ec classes showing us how to make sugar-heavy cakes and pastries.

We were also conditioned to believe that fat equals fat - Eat fat and you get fat.

This is why you need to embrace keto as a lifestyle and not a diet - because it goes beyond eating.

This is a science-based way of living that embraces how our ancestors used to live in a time long before excess sugars, an abundance of complex carbs and preservatives.

  • Gradually habit-stack your way to OPTIMAL health. You'll find out how to easily adopt tiny little micro-habits that will make sure you stay ketogenic after you start.
  • Added bonus - you'll even save money. In less than a month, you'll see your appetite start to reduce naturally. Not only will you be getting healthier, your money will add up as well.
  • Protect yourself against diseases without the use of drugs. With The Reset Button, you'll understand how your body fights ailments naturally and how to give it all the help it needs to beat these ailments.

Will Keto Work FOR YOU?

This Guide Is Designed To Eliminate The Pain & Struggle Standing Between You And Your Ideal Body...

There is not 'magic pill' out there.

No one on this planet can snap their fingers to give you the body of your dreams or to improve your health.

The Reset Button, will however set you on the easiest, fastest road to transformation by getting your through the three most crucial first days of your new lifestyle.

That's it - just three days. For some people, it's not even that long. After that initial change to your system, The Reset Button will take you by the hand and walk you through any of the challenges that come your way.

By understanding exactly how your body is working and reacting to what you eat, you'll be confident that you can succeed.

You'll also develop a habit of looking forward to weighing yourself first thing in the morning.

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The Complete Health Enhancing

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    Keto Prep 101: Get to know the basics so your fat loss challenge is off to a flying start and your temptations are kept in check.
  • 2
    Get your living environment ready: Know exactly what foods to avoid and what exercises are the correct ones to do. (It is easier than you think)
  • 3
    The Final Hurdle: Be ahead of the game when dealing with keto flu, by knowing exactly what action steps to counter-attack it.

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It's free - the only thing you stand to lose are unwanted pounds.

Who Is The Reset Button For?

Busy urban dudes - Demanding career? Always seem to have a lot going on? AK will show you how to make it all manageable.

Guys with diabeties (or at risk of) - Ready to try controlling your diabetes without the use of prescription drugs? Take the keto challenge.

Food Addicts - Think it's impossible to eat less? Find out how carb-free eating is going to be equally as delicious as the food you eat now, but you'll be shocked at how much your appetite reduces naturally.

Men struggling with epilepsy - Studies are continuously underway to best understand why keto is so effective at fighting off seizures, but many epileptics report a vast reduction or total elimination in seizures.

Anyone who is fed up with being lied to - if you've ever believed there's a better way to eat than what our government, schools and food marketers would like us to believe come discovr how much healthier and vital you feel after eating the way we always meant to eat.

What Is DappChap 

All About?

DappChap was founded in 2016 with the intent to help men who wanted to preserve their youth by crafting all-natural hygiene and health products that preserve the skin.

Over time, the company evolved to also feature blog articles that also shed a light on men's concerns.

DappChap's founder, John, used the systems outlined in The Reset Button himself and has this to say about it:

"I really was taken aback when I stepped off the scale 21 days after going keto and realizing that in three weeks I had dropped 18 lbs. But it went beyond weight loss.

The mental focus was a great benefit and one that I definitely need as a business owner. Couple that mental clarity with increased energy and ability to wake up at the crack of dawn without hitting the snooze button and I was remarkably more productive.

Ultimately, I would say that it makes you feel like you're in a position of control - over your mind, your body, your impulses and a part of your future, as improved health does open more doors."

Try The Reset Button With No Risk

It's free - the only thing you stand to lose are unwanted pounds.

If you've ever been curious about embracing the keto lifestyle - The Reset Button will break it down for you with the simplest explanations. Should you have already tried keto and struggled to stay on track, this resource will help you pinpoint where you're struggling.

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