Subscribe to DappChap: 8 Great Reasons

Subscribe to DappChapI want you to subscribe to DappChap, so before I sit down and watch the mid-season finale of The Walking Dead (hence all that killin’ talk).

But before I watch heads get cracked open and guts a splattering, I wanted to mention that in January of 2018 there will be a disruption in the force.

I’ve written about how I’ve been building the DappChap brand and product line, but there’s somewhere I’d like YOU to be in a couple of weeks.

It’s a very special place where our digital relationship will pick back up again.

I know I’ve neglected you and other  readers, but here’s the thing – I had to choose between fostering one of two businesses and I made my choice. Time for you to join me on that choice by opting to Subscribe to DappChap eMagazine.

YOU and 2018 & why you should Subscribe to DappChap

DappChap is rolling out physical products, but January 1st also marks something else – the launch of a daily eMagazine.

And what is in this daily eMagazine, you may posit?

Now, since you’re on the Dopamine mailing list, you can count on getting insights and strategies on business & marketing, so that’s some familiar territory there.

“OK…what else?”

This is where I have to quickly preface things before going on.

DappChap is a lifestyle brand for men, but ladies are welcome to Subscribe to DappChap eMagazine as well (I’ll explain why very shortly).

Here are topics that will be regularly covered in each issue (outside of the business stuff):

  • Natural and healthy anti-aging lifestyle habits
  • Tiny house living and how to hack a higher net worth with alt-investment properties
  • Realistic habit changes that actually work (they take more patience than will-power)
  • Travel hacks for a better life somewhere else

And THIS is why a men’s eMagazine would be of interest to the ladies, too:

  • Dating tips from a actual experts (both men and women)
  • Dating recipes for when things get past meetup #2
  • Reviews of products men lose their sh*t for (great gift ideas)
  • Oh, and we also get hooked up with tons of samples that we will send out to readers from sponsors.

Cost of membership: NOTHING.

“Where Do I Subscribe to DappChap?”

Right Here, Muchacho

The DappChap eMagazine launches on January 1st, 2018 – just in time for you to read on the toilet while regretting how much you guzzled the night before.

Pretty sweet, huh?

I’m gonna make sure you’re on board for this, so count on more emails to egg you on in the days ahead.

PS – IF you want to actually watch a business get built from the ground with paying a cent to do so, I couldn’t emphasize enough just how valuable a subscription to the DappChap eMagazine is.

PPS – You should also join us on Facebook for updates to both the eMagazine and product releases.

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