About Us

DappChap was founded on the principle of Dapptitude.

[Dap-Tee-Tood] – A state of mind that sees the bearer of this mindset feeling perpetually emboldened and confident regardless of the cards in his deck.

DappChap is not just a men’s lifestyle brand.

It’s a lifestyle. This lifestyle dynamic is rooted in the ritual that is grooming and maintaining the body.

By optimizing the ritual, you are optimizing your mind.

DappChap’s goal of bringing Dapptitude to all men also means doing so with all-natural grooming products.

The ingredients found in all of our products are 100% pure and natural. No additives. No GMOs or chemical splices – just the straight goods.

Live The Most Fulfilled Life Possible

Strengthening Dapptitude goes beyond just products – DappChap brings men the tools they need to get the best from all aspects of their lives: careers/business, dating, cooking and protecting one’s mental health.

These tools can be accessed via DappChap’s Youtube channel or Join us on Facebook.

Oh yeah, there’s also Instagram & Twitter.

About John Breese, DappChap’s Founder

I founded DappChap in 2016 as a result of my concerns for what was changing in my life as I started pulling into middle age.

My interest in founding the company came when I was hired by a former NHL defenceman for the New York Rangers to build him an online business.

During my time working with him, this NHL-er turned entrepreneur introduced me to the world of premium men’s grooming products.

With there being a history of cancer and other congenital diseases on both sides of the family, staying healthy started to come into even greater perspective.

There were other aspects at play as well.

The longest relationship I had ever been in had come to an end, thrusting me back into the dating world after close to a decade out of the game and I was working an incredibly stressful job with an equally stressful commute.

All the stress and challenges of working a full time job, driving through one of the most dangerous freeways in North America each day and juggling a side hustle with a social life brought on health problems.

As in alarm-bell, wake-up call types of health problems.

I was also worried because I hadn’t exactly lived the most “saintly” life in the past. When I was younger, I led a punk rock lifestyle of traveling across the continent (and beyond) by hitchhiking, trainhopping, living in cold squats and doing a little more than my share of partying.

It was to say that my past had certainly borrowed from my future, so I had to put the odds as much in my favor as possible.

Going back to the family health problems, I decided it was time to get away from the drugstore brands I was using and, being an entrepreneur by nature, decided to formulate my own products so that I could be 100% certain of where they came from.

Didn’t take long for these organic products to make a remarkable difference. My skin felt better, I would feel even more refreshed after a shower and going through my morning grooming ritual.

Now came the part where I had to tackle my mental health. No one can sustain themselves if they aren’t feeling happy and I certainly wasn’t happy and that’s why, as I worked on getting myself to where I needed to be again, I created the tools other men needed for balance.