About DC

DappChap was founded on the principle of Dapptitude.

[Dap-Tee-Tood] – A state of mind that sees the bearer of this mindset feeling perpetually emboldened and confident regardless of the cards in his deck.

DappChap is not just a men’s lifestyle brand.

It’s a lifestyle. This lifestyle dynamic is rooted in the ritual that is grooming and maintaining the body.

By optimizing the ritual, you are optimizing your mind.

DappChap’s goal of bringing Dapptitude to all men also means doing so with all-natural grooming products.

The ingredients found in all of our products are 100% pure and natural. No additives. No GMOs or chemical splices – just the straight goods.

Live The Most Fulfilled Life Possible

Strengthening Dapptitude goes beyond just products – DappChap brings men the tools they need to get the best from all aspects of their lives: careers/business, dating, cooking and protecting one’s mental health.

These tools can be accessed via DappChap’s Youtube channel or Join us on Facebook.

Oh yeah, there’s also Instagram & Twitter.