There are many aspects of a gent’s being that can set him apart from the pack and having the “right” kind of hobby can take you a long way with the ladies.

Now, I can’t say I like the use of the term ‘hobbies’, but I’m going with it because that was what I was given with the material we’ll be going over.

Why do I object?

Simply because some of the ‘hobbies’ we’ll be going over are moreover extensions of a man’s personality or his lifestyle of both.

Example: When eHarmony released its list (which it nefariously claimed to have put together by scanning the DMs of its customers), the top ‘hobby’ for a man to have is travel.

I just don’t see how travel is a hobby – unless you’ve got money pouring out your keester and can gallivant away to another country every other day as the desire suits you.

All that out of the way, let’s cover what women consider to be the most attractive ‘hobbies’ in men.

5 Attractive Hobbies For Men

Cooking – This is #1 for the sheer sake that we all must eat and if you’re looking to score major points with the ladies right out the gate, this is the proven winner.

If you look at some of the other ‘hobbies’ below, some might require too much time to learn or you just flat-out might not have an aptitude for them.

Cooking, on the other hand, is something you HAVE to do (unless your idea of nutrition is to hit up a drive-thru each night and to use the time saved to play Fortnite until you pass out).

Music – Let’s face it, music is a classic ticket to WAPsville. There’s something women just love about a dude who can play an instrument and sing at the same time.

While it’s more of an extrovert’s game, plenty of talented introverts have a strong place and can use music to break down those walls that separate them.

Writing & Reading – Applying yourself to both writing and reading as much as possible, is not only a great way to make yourself more attractive to women, but every man should do it for their own benefit.

On that note, don’t miss on our list of books every man should read (before he dies).

Unlike music, writing is largely the introvert’s craft as it requires the need for solitude, something most musicians simply cannot fathom doing.

Skilled Crafts – I can remember that waaayy back in the day when I was looking for a small business I could start from home, a friend of my father’s recommended making luxury soaps and taught me how to do it.

My goal was to make money to become more financially independent (didn’t happen), but the plus that did come from it was the interest and intrigue that came from the ladies when they found out that I made soaps.

That interest went up a notch when they’d come to my apartment and small the aromas of the soaps as they cured.

Not only were they pulled in by the work that goes into making soap (it’s more of a process than you might expect), but …

The same can be said about any other craft that requires skill and application: brewing your own beer, leatherworking, carpentry – what’s not to appreciate about a man who exudes the focus and discipline to achieve something most men would shrug off as ‘too complicated’.

Yoga – this ancient healing art is designed to help anyone who puts themselves through the motions, but to this day, women tend to be the largest group.

This is great news for you, sir.

See, when you join a yoga class, you’ll be a minority in the room. This leads to the competition rule.

If you are and only three or four other guys are part of a yoga class with 20 women, they’ll start circling you.

I’ll never forget a story I read once about how, after getting divorced from Katy Perry, Russell Brand got the boot from his yoga class because he was shagging all of the women in his class and it was causing friction.

The added bonus: you’ll become healthier, blow off stress and come away with a clearer. Total win-win.

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Use Your Time Wisely!

While it’s cool to have hobbies the opposite sex finds attractive, it’s important to keep in mind that life is about more than just work and trying to get ahead.

It’s also to be said that your time is finite and shouldn’t constantly be squandered on “intellectual junk food” such as hours of video games.

Hobbies are a way of enjoying your spare time while improving yourself.