Sean Connery’s Hair Loss In Pictures

I once had a barber tell me that once you’re 34 years old, what you’ve got on your head is pretty much what you’ll take with you to the grave. When it comes to Sean Connery hair loss is NOT quite the show stopper.

You’ll see him gradually lose his hair in the pics to come, but in the end, it’s not all that bad (seriously).

Despite a slightly receded hairline, I was happy with that statement…

…that is until I did some research on the epitome of male allure, Sean Connery.

Let’s take a look at what Sean Connery looked like at 32:

sean connery hair loss

Nice mane on him, yeah?

Just two years shy of that 34 cut off too.

OK, so let’s see how Sean fared after the cut off.

Spoiler – he’s cheating. He’s actually wearing a hairpiece in that pic. Yes, for real!

Here he is at age 41:

sean connery losing hair

Still got it, but the fade is coming on, despite of the promise of keeping what’s on the lid at 34. The hairpiece can only do so much to conceal what’s going on.

So did things slow down after the big four-five set in?

Let’s check.

Here’s Sean at 45 years of age:

sean connery going bald

As Sean would say back in his homeland of Scotland, “shite!”

The promise has been broken – not going bald in your 30s is not a promise of keeping your hair in later years, even if it’s just less hair.

The good news, it kinda slows down as you get older. As you can see in the pic below, Sean, by this time, is 53 and while a little more hairless, is not yet completely bald:

sean connery bald

The bad news: if you’re still in you’re thirties and think that making it to forty means you’re in the clear for hair loss, sorry. You’re still liable to lose your wig past the “test mark”.

The good news: (yes, there is good news) – we might live in a frivolous society, but some can still see past the loss of hair and dig a man for his character. Case in point:

The title of World’s Sexiest Man was given to Sean Connery at the age of 59.


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