If you’re looking for a powerful channel to:

→ Grow your audience

→ Get more email subscribers

→ Build a highly related brand people love

…this is a prime opportunity for you as an early adopter to grow your business on Threads.

Since taking over Twitter in 2022, Elon Musk has successfully sent the platform to hell in a hand-basket.

Despite waging war on bots, the fake account problem on Twitter is only getting worse.

The discourse is rapidly becoming one-sided with trolling and antagonism spinning out of control.

Worst of all – unless you’ve got a huge following or you’re ready to spend three to four hours a day on the platform, your content gets rapidly buried.

Then along came Mark Zuckerberg’s announcement that Meta would be releasing its own version of Twitter, Threads.

The launch was an immediate success, getting 30 million users within its first day.

But then something curious happened.

That initial avalanche of excitement and users just stopped.

Within a couple months of launch, Threads was a ghost town populated by tens of millions of abandoned accounts.

Many social media pundits declared the platform dead.

They might have been right.

Until now.

Threads is
having a moment.

The mass exodus it experienced soon after its launch has actually been very beneficial to those who are presently using it.

Here are eight ways some creators are killing it on Threads and you might too:

Here’s how Threads is successfully helping to build audiences and brands:

One of the best pieces of news is that you DON’T need a big audience to start getting traction on Threads.

Your follower count is not a reflection of what you can expect in terms of traffic.

1. As mentioned, the Threads experience is the opposite of Twitter’s: a random post will get more traction and visibility than others.

2. Your Threads profile allows for one live link, but I’ve also doubled up and added a static text link in my bio, which has been generating traffic.

I know copying and pasting is really not a hard thing to do, but when someone is willing to do it to access your site, you know you’re in an engaged and receptive community.

3. Like with other social platforms, you’re allowed to pin a post and many business owners, including myself, do just that:

grow your business on Threads

4. The speed at which your posts start getting reactions really does depend on the subject matter. As you might expect, philosophical and motivational posts tend to get the fastest traction.

5. Speaking of speed, find your community fast. Since the space is still uncrowded, forging worthwhile relationships is still easy to do and users there have proven very generous in helping.

6. Use LinkedIn – there are a lot of people who are getting a little tired of the vibe over at LinkedIn and are receptive to new channels. I’ve posted invites which were well received by others looking to grow their business on Threads.

7. Be sure to use Yaytext to format some of the wording in your posts for extra attention – it really does work. You can also expect to have people asking you how you formatted your text.

8. One unique feature most users still aren’t aware of is the audio recording feature. You can use this feature to double the size of a regular post.

How it works is, first you record your audio message, which Threads will automatically transcribe into text. Just erase the text and then add your own.

This gives you a larger post without risking the loss of added content which often happens when you create a thread with the comments section of a post.

At the time this post was written, Threads is experiencing a surge in growth.

A lot of the new users are coming over from Twitter.

Others are coming over from LinkedIn while the majority are from Instagram, which makes perfect sense.

How long this opportunity will stay fertile is anyone’s guess, but it won’t be long until advertising makes its way on the platform.

Once that happens, the algos will change and competition for attention will increase.

Now’s the time to leverage the game to grow your business on Threads.

So get on it while you can and feel free to connect with me there: DappChap on Threads


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