Going into 2020, plans for DappChap were to launch a supplement line to compliment the skincare products that were already for sale.

Having tried keto the year before, I was very excited about launching this supplement line.

And then the C-word hit and that launch had to be shelved.

That is until one day, an ad popped up in my Facebook feed – if you’re a member of any business or marketing group on Facebook, chances are that you may have seen this ad as well:

For $59/month, you could launch your own supplements with no minimum orders – you can bet they instantly got my attention.

It wasn’t long until I saw the initial ad that I signed up for the bronze package.

I thought I had done enough homework prior to signing up, but for some reason, I overlooked one of the treasure troves of truth: Google Reviews.

Had I gone there beforehand, I would have saved myself a lot of trouble.

So what exactly do you get for the $59/month cost of the Bronze package?

Well, not a whole lot.

The Trainwreck:

Before delving into the details of where Rocktomic falls short with its services, let’s look at where it falls short on integrity.

If you go to the company’s Facebook page, Rocktomic has this specific description of the company:

We are a US based, FDA Registered & GMP Certified Nutritional Supplement Manufacturer

Oh boy.

Had I perceived that claim right away and then found out the reality of the situation in Google Reviews, Rocktomic would never have gotten a dime from me.

Right off the bat, they are being dishonest and misleading the public about what the company actually is.

They’re not manufacturers, they’re middle men.

By the time I found this out, I was already in – so all I could do was hope for the best going forward.

So now we can start with the numerous ways Rocktomic falls short on service.

Lack of Organization

After signing up for the bronze package and starting the onboarding process, I bought the Branding Package that includes logo and label design for up to 5 items.

I paid the $197 fee for this package and when you do this, what happens is next is you get an email that asks you to reach out to Marco Garcia – which I did.

Regardless of taking that action, the branding department wouldn’t budge and get to work. 

They couldn’t see that the payment was made and continued to sit on their thumbs.

I had to be the one to take action and have their operations manager tell them that I paid and to get started.

The Products Really Aren’t That Great

Most of the products offered really aren’t anywhere close to the quality that competing brands are offering.

For instance, some of the best selling collagen brands on Amazon feature collagen derived from grass-fed cattle.

That is a huge selling position.

But you will not get that from Rocktomic – or at least, not without an extra cost.

If you do want collagen made with grass-fed ingredients, all you have to do is sign up for the Gold package (which is $157/month) and even then, the big selling point of no minimums disappears.


You’ll have to order a minimum amount to get access to the supplements with prime ingredients.

Another example of lower quality formulas include their carb blocker pills – which contain rice flour…which is, of course, a carb.

Same goes for one of their Keto formulations – it contains rice flour as well.

No Regard for Time

Just take a look at what other people are saying about Rocktomic’s operational schedule. 

It’s slow.

And to be honest, it looks as though their pace is very intentional.

Once you actually start it yourself, it becomes pretty clear that they’re banking on making a profit on that first month of your membership. 

The goal being to make sure that it’s impossible for you to start selling until at least month two of the membership.

Here is a look at the average cost for a lead on Facebook, which is where Rocktomic is running the bulk of their ads:

Rocktomic Facebook

Let’s say we go with the most expensive figure for acquiring a lead on Facebook, which is $5.65.

From everything I’ve come across online, in terms of statements by the owners themselves to instructions in the dashboard, they implore everyone to stick it out for at least three months.

So let’s say that is their average rate of attrition – that most people drop off within three months.

I see two outcomes here.

People buying the Bronze package at $59/month need to pay $179 to get their labels designed.

I think, at most, those people will last two months, because they’ll lose patience and cancel.

Personally, I lasted less than a month before I lost all patience and faith.

So let’s say I’m right about the two month PLUS $179 branding fee – if Rocktomic did in fact pay $5.65 and the person canceling doesn’t bother getting a refund, the company just made $293.35 gross profit.

So let’s look at outcome two: People sign up for the Silver package at $99/month, which includes label design.

If they churn through people over two months, they’re grossing about $192.35. Those who actually make it to the three month mark will gross the company $291.35.

Let’s say you actually make it to the selling stage – they will also charge an additional $2.00 ‘handling fee’ once you sell an item.

So as you can see from these numbers, Rocktomic really doesn’t have any interest in actually helping its members succeed – they can actually be profitable with a high churn rate.

They also CLEARLY profit from their so-called “branding package”.

Take a look at some of these comments [show footage of the reviews].

Once again, if only I had seen the Google Reviews first, I would not be making this video right now.

Outsourced Design

This brings us to point #5 on why Rocktomic sucks the grand old donkey dick.

I waited two and a half weeks to receive the first mock-up.

This is what I got:

Rocktomic Label Design

So as you see, the Google Reviews told the coldest, most accurate truth.

Seriously, take a look at this piece of shit.

Rocktomic’s “branding package” comes out to $37 per product label.

Despite their site’s copy claiming that all artwork is done in-house, they’re clearly casting their lines out to Bangladesh for that sweet-ass $5 design job that will help them make $172 profit off their new members.

I just don’t get it – how can someone look at this design and think “yep – that’s good.” and pass it on?

Like one of the Google Reviewers mentioned about his experience, NOTHING that I mentioned in my instructional email was taken into regard.

So Is Rocktomic a Scam?

No – to call something a scam is to imply that they are deliberately selling something worthless.

Bottom Line: Rocktomic is an excellent idea on paper, but they need to put a substantial amount of work into their infrastructure before moving forward.

I’m sure that some of Rocktomic’s customers are successful, however, if they truly achieve success, then they would have no need for Rocktomic anymore.

Think about it – Rocktomic’s whole platform is that they buy in the large quantities that smaller entrepreneurs can’t afford.

But why would you stay on with Rocktomic when your company is becoming successful and you can afford to go directly to companies like VOX, whom Rocktomic buys from and get your inventory at a substantially lower rate?

Now while Rocktomic is not a scam, it’s clearly a ripoff.

Right now, they’re spending a ton on buying ads, but spending next to nothing on customer support and operations.

My guess is that Rocktomic is reselling some of its stock under its own brands and makes the bulk of its sales this way.

It looks at though their private label arm is something they’re offering with the endgame being to drive as much profit as the brand gets driven into the ground by the sheer volume of negative experiences getting published online.

There’s just no way their way of doing business is sustainable over the long term.

My best advice would be to avoid doing business with Rocktomic – the guys running the show here come from the Robert Kyosaki school of marketing (that would be the sociopathic form of marketing).

You simply can’t trust people who are totally communicative with you when you initially sign up and are excited, but avoid all contact and go incognito the second things go sideways.

Vox Nutrition will sell you supplements far cheaper than Rocktomic and have a minimum order quantity of 300 units – so do think about that.

I’m sorry to say it, but Rocktomic really is too good to be true – just pony up the extra cash and keep full control.