We’ve compiled a list of books every man should read for a simple reason: not enough guys are juicing their brain with valuable information and growing as a result.

Endless hours of hitting up the Xbox or indulging in mind-melting Netflix binges doesn’t do a whole lot for your development…

…(unless you live for that moment when Rick from accounting wants to compare notes on Stranger Things to see if you picked up the same Easter Eggs).

As a modern man, you owe it to yourself to be the best version of yourself you can be.

Given our society’s easy access to information in the form of ebooks, public libraries and the cheap prices of books at both physical and digital stores these days, there’s simply no excuse not to soak up what’s out there.

So then, where do you start?

What books are deserving of the real estate in your noggin?

Worrieth not – we’ve got you covered with our ever-expanding list of books every man should read before he moves on to the big sleep.

Without further ado, here. we. go:

Power of Habit – Charles Duhigg

A go-to book that I continuously re-read and always pulling out more notes (to the point where I’ve written my own mini companion guide tailored to my needs and direction).

When Duhigg committed himself to writing a book on the grip our subconscious has on our daily lives, he went whole hog.

The book is made up of several case studies involving everything from reprogramming an alzheimer’s-affected brain to following the evolution of delayed gratification over the course of 30 years.

If you happen to be looking to change the way you eat, stop drinking, become more productive, read this book as you commence your journey.

It’s guaranteed to motivate you and help you re-frame how you see yourself.

Get the book here.


How to Get Rich – Felix Dennis

DappChap strongly encourages all men to try their hand at entrepreneurship at least once in their lives.

Win or lose, you’ll never be the same and you’ll come away from the experience with a radically different perspective of the world you live in and the people you share it with.

That’s not hyperbole, it’s fact.

Felix Dennis, the late British publishing kingpin known for titles such as Maxim Magazine, lays out his experience in the world of business and unlike other “business” books, he pulls no punches.

Other authors like to focus exclusively on their success and glean over their failures and hardships (if they mention them at all).

Not so with Dennis.

From heartbreak and addiction to lawsuits and borderline bankruptcies, the self-made multi-millionaire makes it clear that anyone can make it if they’re ready to pay a dear price.

Now, it needs to be said that there are different levels of business success to aspire to.

If you’re looking to build an international conglomerate like Felix did, prepare to suffer greatly.

But if you’d be content to have a business that rewards you with a healthy six-figure a year payout, you can do so with half the problem Dennis suffered through.

Bullshit-free and straight to the point, this book is infinitely more valuable than the get-rich-in-15-minute courses you see advertised on Facebook and YouTube.

Get the book here.


The Fish That Ate The Whale – Rich Cohen

This book makes a great companion to How to Get Rich.

Author Rich Cohen turns in a masterful recounting of an intriguing life that will motivate you in all areas of your life.

Imagine the following scenario: You’re a poor 14-year-old living on a farm in Russia.

Your father just passed away and your aunt takes you to the U.S. to evade crushing poverty.

Once there, you must simultaneously find ways to survive while learning a new language on the fly.

Despite those circumstances, that is exactly what Samuel Zemurray did to go on to become one of the most successful business me of his time.

Get the book here.


Outliers – Malcolm Gladwell

Before cracking this book open, I’d heard great things about Gladwell’s writing, but I was truly taken aback once I got started.

The case studies used in this book were incredibly researched and you’ll come away with a very different view of what truly sets people apart as far as luck and success go.

Get the book here.


48 Laws of Power – Robert Greene

Much like Gladwell’s work, Greene’s book is built on an amount of research that would exhaust mortal men.

In this tome, Greene dives deep into hundreds of years of history across dozens of countries throughout the world.

Mindset, projective thinking, bluffing, military planning and political maneuvering are all examined with several case studies attributed to each to consistently drive the point home.

This isn’t just for those planning to run for office of getting the upper hand in business.

If you want a more effective way to project your world view to your inner sphere of influence and have it embraced, 48 Laws is the ticket to making the happen.

Get the book here.


Mastery – Robert Greene

Yes, another Robert Greene book.

As with 48 Laws of Power, Mastery covers the triumphs and lessons of greats in all areas of life – from business to sports to art.

Not for the impatient soul hoping for the overnight results that Facebook timelines are littered with, Greene continuously touts the 10,000 rule – the amount of time required to become a master at just about anything.

If you’ve been nursing an empty spot in the soul that you figure can only be filled by taking on a hobby, trade or skill, Mastery will lay down the groundwork of what to expect as far as timelines, challenges and reaching incremental milestones.

Get the book here.


A Man’s Search For Meaning – Viktor Frankl

We all have it hard – getting home at 7 pm because of traffic after you had already left the house at 7am to get to work…

…loud, shit-quality neighbors in your building

…dealing with an asshole boss with unrealistic expectation and 0% self-awareness

…dry cleaner not delivering your suit on the stated date

…and it can go on. Modern living is indeed taxing.

However, wrap up all of those vagaries (and more) and they still pale in comparison to what Viktor Frankl endured in the concentration camps of World War II.

Frankl’s book is a testament to the potential of a human’s inner strength in the face of the most inhumane of circumstances.

For example, Frankl was separated from his wife early in the cull – and he never did find her again.

Despite all of the brutality and ugliness that surrounded him for years, Frankl developed a system to ensconce himself from the savagery around him.

This book is recommended for everyone.

Whether you’re struggling through hard times or someone you love is neck-deep, turn to this book as much as is necessary.

When it comes to books every man should read, this one is about as essential as they get.

Get the book here.


SAS Survival Handbook – John ‘Lofty’ Wiseman

If there’s anything we can glean from viruses like Ebola and COVID, it’s that shows like the Walking Dead might not be quite as far-fetched as previously thought.

Sure, decomposing zombies walking around might be a little on the silly side, but a post-apocalyptic premise like what you see in Book Of Eli pretty much sets the proper tone for what to expect, post-apocalypse.

Being able to solve problems with your hands carries more weight than surviving in rough environments.

It also hits women right in the feels.

The sight of a man going full MacGuyver and repairing a suddenly broken coffee machine using nothing more than a q-tip, pen cap and a dab of chili powder is mesmerizing to the other half.

By the end of the read you’ll be able to survive any environment from be stranded at sea, to hunting seal in the arctic, making your way through mountains as well as staying alive in jungles, deserts and freshly nuked cities.

If you want to extend your Rambo-like resilience even further, be sure to add the Bushcraft box set to your survival bookshelf: https://amzn.to/366FmpX

Get the book here.


12 Rules for Life – Jordan Peterson

Jordan Peterson has been a life-long scholar of anthropology, nut it wasn’t until 2016 that he took a principled stand against a new bill passed by the Canadian government that would essentially empower one group of people to the detriment of all others.

Since that time, Peterson has experienced a rebirth of sorts going from a university professor to a author and speaker, appearing on a host of popular shows, including Joe Rogan’s podcast.

12 Rules For Life is essentially a summary of Peterson’s life-long study of what makes a human optimally functional.

Get the book here.


The Keto Reset Diet – Mark Sisson

If there’s one “diet” (I much prefer to call it a lifestyle), that DappChap promotes, it’s keto. This is the first book I read and got me started.

Now while you may have heard of keto, but not yet tried it, I recommend you read this book to fully understand the need to detach your body from its need/addiction to carbs.

Get the book here.


No B.S. Time Management – Dan Kennedy

No matter who you are, your time is finite.

This book is highly recommended for both guys who are always looking for ways to squeeze more drops from the ol’ lemon that is the life clock and for guys who simply don’t take time seriously enough.

Know someone who could use a proverbial slap in the head for pissing away valuable time?

Get them this book.

No doubt that this book will totally change your perspective and make you a little more impatient with people who have little or no sense of urgency.

Get the book here.

Feel like there any books every man should read that somehow didn’t make it onto this list? Feel free to send it along here.