Welcome To The DappChap Reading List

Any plans to read one book per week this year?

We’ve put together an exhaustive reading list to help you make it happen.

52 books in a year is pretty ambitious, but the rewards are many, if you force yourself to pull it off.

Things to know:

– The average non-fiction book has an average of 275 pages.

– 52 books X 275 pages = 14,300 pages to read throughout the year.

That breaks down to 40 pages to read  each day.

The average reader takes 2 minutes to read one page.

Which means that to accomplish 40 pages a day, you need to set aside 80 minutes (or rather, one hour and twenty minutes).

Hey, no one said it’d be easy!

Here’s Our Library

As with each year, the list has been set and the books are all pre-selected. Hopefully, some of the titles in this list can make it onto your bookshelf.

Here we go:





































Do you feel there are other titles worthy of inclusion in our Reading List? Send them here.