Welcome to the ultimate and most honest Purely Inspired Collagen Review.

As I continue on into my forties, I’m starting to open up about the lifestyle changes I’m making.

Since I no longer get to hold on to my youth for free, I’ll be sharing the efforts I take to stay young.

How I take my collagen:

Following along the lines of Bulletproof coffee, I like to have my nutritional supplements in my coffee, first thing in the morning.

Why coffee instead of a smoothie?

Well, I fast throughout the day, so a smoothie is out of the question.

Aside from that, coffee dissolves the collagen and I believe this may help with assimilation.

Helpful Tip:

Be sure to pour a scoop of the collagen into your cup before pouring in coffee.

Once you do start pouring in the coffee, make sure it is ONLY your coffee and do not add cream or milk.

Otherwise, the collagen will not dissolve properly.

I pour roughly a tablespoon’s worth of coffee in with the collagen and stir it until it’s fully dissolved, then I add my almond milk, then fill up the rest of the cup.

Reviewing the Changes Purely Inspired’s Collagen
Has Made to My Body:

Here are the most notable changes I’ve come to notice after just under four months of use:

  • (Skip this benefit if you feel put off at reading about bowel movements).

I use Purely Inspired’s collagen in tandem with intermittent fasting.

This combo has led me to having a vastly increased digestion of what I shovel down the piehole.

My stools are always solid, and no matter how much I eat during my feeding window, the stool will always be very small.

This leads me to believe that Purely Inspired’s claim that it’ll increase metabolism is true.

Goodbye Dry:

dry fingernails collagen

  • The skin on my nails looks great again:

Prior to having collagen as a part of my daily life, the skin on a couple of my finger nails was getting dry.

I found this to be strange considering the copious amounts of water I drink each day.

Overall, it took less than a month to see a significant difference in the dryness of my nails and about two months later, all signs of dryness had disappeared altogether.

Inflammation Reduction

  • While I don’t have (knock on wood), any of the joint pain Purely Inspired purports to help reduce…

…I can say that I had some weird inflammation (weird because it feels like a pebble to the touch) in the left elbow.

With the collagen, I’ve noticed a big drop in the level of inflammation.

Bonus: From what I’ve read it’s typically treated with antibiotics, so it’s a true relief to find a natural solution.

It’s All About The Hair!

  • Finally, (the best part!) it’s made a difference with my hair.

I’ve always had a thin hair type and the collagen has helped to add some serious body to the ol’ mane.

This added body has also been complimented by a nice luster and I find myself having to shave it more frequently.

Now, here is the one effect I did NOT expect from this product – part of my hairline is starting to grow back in…

I’ll be the first to admit, it’s hard to see, but the area in the red square is where the re-growth is starting.

From this point going forward, I’ll be continuing to measure how this change comes along, as it really is a (fantastic) unexpected surprise.

If you want other tips on managing a receding hairline, be sure to check this out.

Purely Inspired Collagen Review:
The Bottom Line

I’d have to say that the only gripe I have with the product is that, occasionally, the collagen won’t dissolve properly in your morning coffee and you might get a surprise lump with your next sip.

That’s about it for gripes.

Otherwise, it’s keto and paleo friendly and harvested from grass-fed cows – easy bonus.

To this day, I honestly couldn’t imagine my coffee without it.

I sometimes even pour some into the second cup, even though one scoop a day is more than adequate.

Finally, I find that the price is more than fair.

Plenty of other companies charge a premium price, but considering that Purely Inspired delivers premium ingredients at a reasonable price, that makes them the clear-cut winner.

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