The new paradigm of beard ideas…

First of all, we hate the term Lumbersexual so from this point forward we will be referring to the look as the Lumberjack look, pure and simple.

Who comes up with that kind of shit anyhow?

Since our Ultimate Beard guide is already pretty long, we decided to build on it with this inside look at how the Lumberjack look is getting men some serious love from the opposite sex.

Now, just in case the Beard Guide and the post showcasing men with beards still hasn’t got you fully inspired…

…here’s hopefully this collection of beard ideas will do the trick.

Over the past decade or so, we’ve seen a huge swath of the male population throw their masculinity to the wind.

You can blame the hipster movement for some of this, but they’re not solely responsible.

You might have taken notice of women claiming they’d like to surround themselves with men who identify as “male feminists”.

Realistically, most women out there who’ll only surround themselves with “salt-of-the-Earth” men who look like they should be building a log cabin with their bare hands.

Do you have to be a big guy to pull of the Lumberjack look?

Well, it does kind of help, but it really has more to do with attitude.

The cut of your character.

Just take a look at the pics below and you’ll see what the style means:

OK, the styling of this pic adds a lot, but this is a fantastic look at hitting the lumberjack look with very little effort.

Beard ideas for long face

Notice how something about this pic gives the impression that the lumberjack look has somehow slowed down the aging process?

beard ideas for round face

Proof that you can take the lumberjack look and make it blend perfectly with an urban feel.