Here is an ongoing collection of Instagrams top pics of men with beards

Want your man-mane to match the caliber of other men with beards found in this round-up?

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On with the show – men with beards in all their glory…

man with a beard

Love the subtly of the shag here – great body on that rug and it perfectly compliments the specs.

men with beards

A great look to strive for the majority of the beard is kept cropped along the cheeks, burns and ‘stache, but is given extra length on the chin.

This is actually a classic beard look.

It’s a look we should be seeing more often – a great idea for dudes who might be comfy with the length of their chins.


If men with beards formed a coalition of rugged supervillains, this is what it would look like.


‘Come hither’ comes in many forms – this is what the bearded Tyler Durden version looks like.


Some may argue that the emergence of beards is merely just a fad.

After all, beards came back big in the late 60s and 70s, only to fade off throughout the 80s and most of the 90s.

So why would this surge in beards be different?

The answer: identity.

Masculinity has never been more questioned than it is today and that’s why men with beards stand clearly apart from others…

which explains the rise of this look.

And that is what sets the beards of today apart from those of the past: they’re not so much about appearance as they are about making a bold declaration.

Men with beards of today are taking a stand against everything from excessive feminist demands to crappy marketing that implores men to be something they’re not meant to be: effeminate.