So how you feeling?

Ring the new year in the way you hoped you would?

Did you wake up next to a naked stranger?

Having problems remembering anything past the countdown?

You’re not alone.

Rise Before The Fall?

The irony of new year’s is that according to StatisticBrain, 41% of Americans commit to a resolution to better their lives, yet kick the new year off with a severe case of dehydration, throbbing brains and the inability to do anything productive other than order pizza.

Speaking of new year’s resolutions, are they really worth committing to?

Well, according to the same set of data culled from StatisticBrain, people who felt successful about reaching their goals came in at 9.2%.

That’s in contrast to the 42.4% of respondents who report never (ever) succeeding in their desire for self-improvement.

Guess it would also depend on what your goal is.

Top four new year’s resolutions are:

  • Shedding extra pounds / eating like an athlete
  • Life / habit improvements
  • Smarter financial management
  • Dropping the smokes

You can read the full study here

Cured By Drones?

Used to be that getting over a hangover either required intestinal fortitude or the good old hair of the dog.

Thanks to modern science (and the average drinker’s need for a remedy so that he/she may continue in their ways) there are now a myriad of ways to get past that throbbing skull syndrome.

Should you happen to live within that immediate delivery range of Amazon’s drones, here’s a quicky cure that you can summon to your doorstep:

Product: Drinkwel for Hangovers

Claim to fame: Created specifically for healthy people who drink

Amazon Performance: 82% five-star reviews

Since we ARE starting out a new year…

This week, DappChap will be focused on all things that will optimize your life over the year ahead. Not that we won’t always be doing that, but this will be the main driver.

Don’t completely have your sh*t together as far as planning out your year goes?

This planner might be just what you need.

Travel (and dating):

The start of the new year means that we’re not even halfway through winter yet.

Thinking of going on trip, but haven’t put any solid plans together?

Let’s be frank here – one thing that’s always cool and exciting about going abroad is getting laid during your travels.

Why not put the odds in your favor by having a prospect already in place?

Even if things don’t work out, you still have the locals.

Making things work with locals has much to do with knowing WHY you appeal to them and living the image they have of you in their minds.

BTW, if you feel there’s a country more dudes should know about that is rife with a love for foreigners, do reply with your input.


Was one of your new year’s resolutions to eat better?

Yet the hangover is giving you all the reason in the world to order that x-large meatball pizza?

Perhaps, young Jedi, what you need is a strong point of incentive to help you commit.

Medical writer Michael Greger released his latest book in time for the new year and it might just help you hold on to those promises you made yourself before getting pickled.

Seriously, with a name like The How Not To Die Cookbook, it’s quite the glaring reminder of what noshing on too much drive-thru fare can result in.


Determined to finish the year wealthier than you started it?

The nicest dude on Shark Tank, Daymond John, is back with his fourth book, Rise & Grind.

If you’ve been guilty of guzzling a little too much of the Gary Vee hype-flavored Kool-aid, you’ll find Daymond John’s insight to be very refreshing, more practical and a whole lot more authentic.

So happy new year to you and we’ll be seeing you tomorrow with more great ways for you to make 2019 the year every man dreams of having.