red pillHave you ever thought of dropping out of the status quo?

Ever muttered the words “fuck this” while thumbing through the paper and reading pieces focused on:

— Making you worry about how much you “must” have for a “comfortable retirement”

— Goading you into thinking that owning a home is essential

— Goading you into thinking you have some kind of genetic responsibility to get hitched & replicate like a rabbit

It’s very troubling to see the ways in which the news is trying to herd popular thought into categorical existences.

Well, now couldn’t be a better time for you to begin the divorce proceedings between yourself and society.

***The Enemy Within***

If there’s one thing I truly can’t stand in this life, it’s tin-hat conspiracy theorists and alarmist sycophants, but there is something to be said about clocking where things are going…

…and I’m not talking about terror attacks.

Many people would love to demonize the government or big corporate for their problems or even accuse the two of some vast conspiracy to turn them into complacent worker bees.

While I have no love for the government or big corporate, I can face reality.

Reality: These people really should be blaming themselves.

Each generation, new technology comes along that diminishes our energy, curtails our desires / dreams and stunts our potential for greatness.

Television was one of the first forms of media to accomplish this because it was affordable and readily accessible.

Then along came video games…

…and then iPods and then smartphones.

Smartphones are now giving way to other media that connects people to even more distractions from reality, including alternate-reality glasses.

These items are NOT designed to intentionally placate our society or enslave it.

These items are designed by entrepreneurs seeking ways to increase their wealth.

If the people who make up the market rejected these items, they’d cease to exist and would not affect us.

However, the people willfully choose to buy up as many distractions as they can.

Seeing how popular the site SecondLife was in its zenith, I can’t see pods or chambers that simulate reality being too far off.

Soon enough, these pods will become affordable enough so that even the average Walmart shopper to have one.

No need for going out with the boys, going to the theater, enjoying a buffet with friends or even having real a real roll-in-the-hay.

The pods will give you exactly just that.

You’ll only have to unplug when it’s time to go to work, which will make that 8-hour shift feel like an eternity as millions of people shake and twitch as the count the remaining hours until they can get back to their pods.

Your Health Is Your First Line Of Defense

Whatever new technology comes along, the first thing to be affected is your health (mental/physical) which is why over the course of the first week of the Red Pill Renaissance, we’re going after some of the myths we’ve commonly come to believe.

I’ll be sharing with you some of my own breakthroughs, which will surprise you given that some of these breakthroughs fly in the face of what some health experts swear by. Keep checking in or subscribe below to receive the full Red Pill Renaissance.