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This article will show you why magic mushroom therapy is rapidly gaining popularity

Before we get to talking about how magic mushrooms solved a major problem in one night, there’s a very necessary intro to read (but it’s worth it).

Have you ever had a dream that shook you so deeply to your core that it continues to haunt you years later?

I’ll share mine with you for a very simple reason – it’ll help show you how we, as men, have a tendency of lying to ourselves and the effects are detrimental to our physical, mental and emotional health.

Here’s the dream: I walk into the kitchen of my childhood house and I see my father standing in front of the window. He has a blank look in his face. What little emotion there is in his expression is clearly fear. His eyes look like they had shed tears.

Even in the dream, I knew what this was about.

My father had been living a lie his entire adult life and was terrified of ever living true happiness

Just before that dream concluded, I put my arms around my father, told him I loved him and that I would do everything to help him out of that situation and find peace.

The dream I experience was based on a reality my father had in fact been living.

He made the mistake of getting married and having kids, working a corporate job and living in the suburbs – all contradictions of his true nature.

Years later, my father did finally find his inner peace – He moved to the countryside where he has a gorgeous little house by the lake instead of the typical cookie-cutter monstrosities that litter the suburbs.

He stopped trying to work for the corporate world and started his own caretaking business, which was something he loved doing up until he retired.

It’s just too bad that it took him 45 years to finally achieve TRUE happiness.

The Pursuit of Happiness
(Is Different For Each Man)

Ever see the movie American Beauty with Kevin Spacey and Annette Benning?

Why this isn’t shown in high schools as a cautionary tale of buying into a “dream” that doesn’t belong to you is beyond me.

Society has saddled us with a template for what it is we need to strive for, regardless of whether or not it’s conducive to our character, our ambitions or desires.

We’re told that home ownership is the winning way to go and said house should be as big as possible.

psilocybin mushroomsWell what if you, like me, was raised with National Geographic magazines in the house and you couldn’t wait to start a life of travel once you left the nest?

Why isn’t the art of discovering the outside world considered as much of a necessity as buying a home?

And if you did choose to buy a home, but you had no inclination for marriage or kids – do you really want to wander around a huge house with more space than you know what to do with?

Then there’s the career ladder.

The authors of the system expect you to pick a career, any career, and tell you to make sure you’re at the top of the heap by your late 30s or early 40s.

Who cares if you realize that you picked the wrong line of work or that you come to realize that rush hour traffic and office politics are a total boner-kill no matter what line of work you’re in or what you’re getting paid to do it?

And yet, since this is the way the majority chooses to live, almost everyone else gets sucked into the vacuum that is created.

Taking The Red Pill (Magic Mushrooms)


Here’s where the magic mushrooms come in.

I won’t lie to you – making your way back out of the abyss after they’ve pulled you in won’t be easy.

So I’ll share what I had to do to pull myself out of the hole.

First came the moment of truth that was pulled out of me with the help of some psilocybin (more commonly known as magic mushrooms).

What magic mushrooms look like >>>

I had left the hustle and bustle of Toronto to spend a weekend in a quiet little village by the name of St. Jacobs with my girlfriend.

Now, the last time we had taken magic mushrooms, we had a blast the entire time. On this occasion however, things were a little different for me.

  • I could no longer deal with the 40 mile daily commute and the constant traffic jams on the freeway that would see me spending 10 or more hours a week just traveling to work.


  • My boss at the time had completely blown the company budget on a new project and rather than take ownership for his mistake, he’d take out his stress on everyone around him.


  • I firmly believe in Jim Rohn’s philosophy that you are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with. Bad news – those are the people I work with and none of them are entrepreneurial like I am. They’re all about working for the weekend and nothing else.


  • On the subject of entrepreneurship, I constantly found myself feeling exhausted at the end of the work day and not being as productive on my own venture as I could be.


  • Last, but not least, when I was originally hired to be a marketing manager, but was tasked with anything and everything that is NOT marketing, like building websites, managing inventory, managing a staff and doing some import/export. In other words, severely boring.

Once the magic mushrooms had fully kicked in, they did their thing, bypassed the filters we men use to lie to ourselves about how the unhappiness we feel is “not so bad”, and I began to have tears streaming down my eyes.

Alarmed, my girlfriend asked me what was wrong a couple of times, urging me to share what was going on. So I told her about it. All of it.

The Subtle Art of Not Giving A Fuck


Just four weeks after that magic mushroom trip, I handed in my notice at work.

Enough was enough.

So why didn’t I do it sooner then?

Because I simply gave too much of a fuck.

I was making a decent salary. I occupied a management role. I felt like I was on par with other guys my age.

I was thinking more about money than I was my mental health. Funny how it took a magic mushroom trip to realize all this, but at least it finally came to light.

So then,  how do you get out of it?

First thing I recommend is watch American Beauty (even if you’ve already seen the movie).

What you need to pay heed to is when Kevin Spacey’s character, Lester Burnam, leaves his job and goes to work in a fast food restaurant.

Now, I’m not telling you to throw everything away to spend the rest of your life as a cook, but the restaurant industry is ALWAYS looking for more personnel.

Sure, the pay is certainly lower than what you’re getting at the office, but as a means to getting out of the life that is presently making you miserable, the restaurant work can make for an excellent safety net.

Also, since you’ll be working more with your body than your mind in a restaurant, it’ll allow for you to be able to think more clearly about your next step.

“But what if I make $XXK a year, how will I make it on a restaurant income, even short-term?”

That is what we’ll cover in the next section…

The Power of Habit

If you’re truly miserable with your present circumstances, you’ve almost no doubt developed a few bad habits.

Our daily habits determine the long-term outcome of our lives.

Before we get into the habit hacking that can help you sort out this mess you’re in, let’s quickly talk about the life costs that hinge on your present income.

Your present home:

  1. Do you actually LOVE where you live?
  2. If you had to be honest, do you have more space than you need?

Since the home is the most vital of all of our expenses, that is where we need to determine how to keep your home on a (temporarily) lower income or if it’s one of the anchors causing you to strive for a higher salary.

Regulating how you presently live your life and how you portion off your time during the day is vital.

For instance, getting into the habit of having your vitamins every single day at the same time, is part of that structure you need.

It might sound boring, but it really is one of the quickest paths to a clearer mind.

Recommended books:

Power of Habit

The Compound Effect

Choose Yourself First

The number one thing you need most in this life is great mental health. Your physical health is directly linked to it, as are all other components of your health.

This is why, if in your heart of hearts, you feel depressed, frustrated, trapped and in a general state of despair, it’ll never just “work itself out”. If you’re not quite sure what’s eating away at you, do consider taking magic mushrooms to get an honest, unencumbered view of the problem.

You will thank yourself.

No matter how tough it might be in the beginning, you MUST take action and what’s honestly best for you – no matter what your friends, family, significant other or peers might think.

It’s you first.

P.S. – The U.S. government is almost ready to accept magic mushroom therapy as a legitimate medicine. Check it out.


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