Welcome to the debut episode of the DappChap show, my name is John and I’m here to tell you what this show is going to be all about and why you should be watching. (BTW, here’s the VITAL link mentioned in the video)

Simply put the show is all about lifestyle optimization for men.

What does lifestyle optimization mean?

Well, remember when Al Bundy started the organization NO MAAM?DappChap is nothing like that. This isn’t some Red Pill show and though men’s style will certainly be covered, it’s not a show on fashion either.

If you stick with me for the duration of the debut episode of the DappChap show……there’s going to be something pretty awesome waiting for you near the end.

Who is DappChap for?

It’s for every guy who wants to get the best of what he’s already got and then some.

He might not be as suave or as ridiculously good looking as a GQ model, but he most certainly has a place in the Den of Dapptitude.

However, it needs to be said that DappChap is an open community and if you do happen to be a suave, ridiculously good looking GQ model, you’re still a Brother in Dapp and embraced with open arms.

So what will the show be about?

It’s about everything that makes a guy feel good – a ‘Chi’ if you will:

  • Engaging in entrepreneurship
  • Danger-Free Dating (can’t wait for that episode)
  • Exercise hacks
  • Discovering awesome food
  • Traveling to the best parts of the world

…but once again, everything we talk about here is going to be 100% accessible to the everyday guy.

Before we wrap up…this is the awesome thing I told you to wait for…we’re constantly getting our hands on some of the best men’s health and premium grooming products to give away.

While all viewers of the show are eligible to win these items, it’s the guys on the DappChap mailing that get first dibs…up to 24 hours before everyone else. Want in on that?

Head over to DappChap.com/Mail to get on that list and start getting what everyone else has to wait for.