Let’s face it, we dudes have it kind of rough with the fact that we face potential baldness as we age, which is why this healthy hair tips for men piece is very necessary.

The goal of this guide is not only to help ensure you get to hang on to your precious man mane for as long as possible…

…but to also take your hair from dull and dry to smooth, plentiful – just how the ladyfolk like it.

So let’s get right into it, shall we…

10 Healthy Hair Tips for Men

1 – Stop dyeing / bleaching your hair -this is the #1 worst thing you can do to your hair and ensure future damage.

Ammonia is especially hard on hair and WILL weaken it.

2 – Be careful with heat styling tools – heat compromises the structure of your hair. Do your best to have your hair dry off without the use of a dryer.

Same goes for curlers if you happen to use them.

3 – Let your hair breathe – No matter how important your hairstyle might be to you, you must days where NOTHING goes in your hair. No styling products, no washes, just let it all hang out.

Think of it as a fast for your hair – give it a chance to recoup and heal itself.

Lightly teased hairstyle


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4 – Trim your hair regularly – Your target time frame for trims should be every three weeks, but if that’s too much, try to get that shit done within three months.

Split ends lead to greater damage down the line and trims are the ultimate insurance policy against splits.

5- Don’t shampoo each day – We’re not anti-shampoo here, your hair must be washed, but not as much as you probably do.

Let’s use the how much we sanitize our hands since COVID – too much of a good thing strips away all natural oils in your hair – aim to keep hair washes to three times a week, tops.

6 – Don’t sleep with wet hair – rubbing hair against pillow can cause breakage – this also means that a pre-sleep routine that promotes a calm, tranquil sleep is recommended.

7 – Start using some Argan oil – this stuff is awesome! Argan oil fights dry scalp, split ends and dandruff and it’s also great for your skin.

8 – Sun Damage (totally avoidable) – Just as we recommended you stay away from the excessive use of heating products, with the sun, it’s more about the UV rays, which wither the follicles.

9 – Use a hair mask – Think of this as a nutrient-rich buffet for the follicles – try your first hair mask here.

10 – Go easy on hair after stepping out of the shower – hair is more fragile when wet, so don’t rub it harshly with your towel. 

As for sorting/styling it post-shower, go with a wide tooth comb.

And that’s it, fellas – no rocket science involved.

That list is pretty much common sense, so put these tips into practice to see quick changes in your hair’s health.


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