Aging sucks and when you have to search the net for a haircut for men with thin hair, you know you’ve turned a corner you would have rather avoided.

OK, that’s enough with the negative vibe of this piece – let’s get you all set up.

When if comes to having thin hair, making the most of your look comes from more than just a haircut.

You’ll also have to start using hair products that will add body and sheen to your mane.

Now, just to make sure there’s no confusion – this is about thin hair types – NOT thinning hair.

If you happen to be fighting with a receding hairline, it’s strongly recommended that you check out this guide.

First, The Best Haircut For Men With Thin Hair

Your hairline is the first thing to consider.

If your hairline is fairly stable, your haircut should focus on making your bangs longer than the rest of your head.

This is where things can go either way.

You could opt to grow out the whole head:

long suave haircut

Or keep the bangs longer than the rest and go with this look:

Long bangs hairstyle

As mentioned, dealing with your thin hair type has more to do with the products you’ll be using to add volume than the actual hairstyle itself.

Styling Products For Thin Hair

First product for you to consider would be pomade.

Not only is pomade known for providing a strong hold, but it also helps add volume to your hair.

The pomade DappChap swears by is Dapper Dan, as you can get it in a number of different finishes.

There’s also an internal equation for you to consider to thicken up your thin hair, and that’s collagen.

What is collagen?

It’s an extract from animal fats, which contrary to what a great deal of the mainstream media will tell you, is great for your health.

Not only can collagen help with adding some body to your hair, it will also help with joint health and increased metabolism.

Get your collagen here.

For an even more exhaustive list of great styles for thin hair, go here.

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