Got 99 problems, but dating hang-ups ain’t one…

In this (somewhat) special edition of the dating series, we aim to cover several bases…

…in the hopes of landing you the kind of younger women who’ll reestablish your faith in the dating market.

The great news is that luck is on your side, dear chap.

Thanks to the proliferation of online pressure for the ladies to look like they’ve got it going on, sites like Instagram and Facebook are driving them to Tinder and other fast-moving dating sites and services.

First, let’s take a look at the odds for dudes over 30:

Even if you’re not 30 or over yet, you might want to keep reading and see that it actually gets better as you get older…

…and should you find yourself suddenly dumped or ghosted by your new flame, could very well be that a guy with a few more scratch marks on the tree captivated her away from you.

We can all pretty much admit that Keeping Up With The Kardashians is about as vacuous as it gets.

If Beavis and Butthead mutated into a throng of plastic bimbos with too much time and money on their hands, said show would be the result.

However, an interesting nugget was turned up recently when the matriarch of Saint Vacuous, Kris Jenner, confronted her former son-in-law about his choice to date a woman half his age.

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Midway through her examination of Scott’s dating Sofia Richie (19) to his 34 years.

What’s most hilarious about the video is that midway through the questioning she realizes…

…that SHE was actually under-aged when she married her first mark and really has nothing to come at him with.

Being The Older Guy

Superman (aka Henry Cavill) didn’t hold back from being in a very public relationship with a 19-year-old and laughingly brushed away all criticism.

And there was a lot of criticism going around on the lovely ‘ol internet.

So why are younger women and older men choosing each other?

Girl’s Side First:

Have you ever had the benefit of being a fly on the wall in a room full of women who are caught up talking among each other about men?

To say that hilarity ensues would be an understatement.

And the term “scrapbook club talk” should be the new “locker room talk” if there were any justice in the world.

All that chatter about men leads to consensus.

And consensus leads to the following drivers that push younger women to pursue older men:

  • Better in bed – Ever hear of the 10,000 hour rule? That is what is claimed to be required for mastery.

A 35-year-old will outclass the 22-year-old slaphappy lad any day of the week.

  • More generous in bed – The older a man gets, the better he understands that it’s not all about him in bed and is more willing to do what he can to please his lady.

Jackrabbiting is no longer allowed.

  • More confidence – nothing will make that holy love-tunnel slam shut harder than a man who clearly doesn’t believe in himself.
  • Bigger coinpurse – No, not THAT coinpurse, but the one where you keep your loot.

The older you get, the more loot you typically have to spend on outings with your lady.


And Now, Reasons For Men To Date Younger Women

Whether or not you’ve ever tried dating a girl who is over 10 years younger than yourself, here are a few incentives:

  • Easy NSA – don’t want a relationship? Many college-aged girls are into that whole “freedom of choice, you don’t own me” phase.

If you’re not looking to get attached, this is great news for you.

  • Makes you smarter – you don’t have to be a renaissance man to look like one.

Your greater level of life experience almost automatically make you funnier and wiser.

  • Makes you younger – the downside to getting older is that you do actually start sweating the small stuff.

A younger dame can help you reframe what’s really important in life.

  • Drew Barrymore – She’s inher mid-forties, has two kids and has been divorced three times.

How does a college girl for a GF sound now?

Perhaps You Should Go Olympic

If you’re not participating in the Olympics now, chances are you never will.

Too bad.

Turns out that there’s something about riding a bobsled and running round and round a track that makes everyone a little randy.

Everyone thought a new standard has been set for the amount of condoms provided in the Olympic village in Brazil, but Pyongyang just stole Rio’s thunder.

Yup, right as you’re reading this, there’s as strong statistical possibility that an American downhill skier is having his way with a Japanese figure skater.

If you can recall the DappChap piece on being a foreign novelty, this fun isn’t just relegated to the athletes.

Plenty of sport-loving travelers are also partaking in the salacious celebrations.

A little something for you to consider for 2020.


“Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.”

– Lao Tzu