Changes to the Youtube Partner Program: What You Need To Know

Changes to the Youtube Partner Program


There is many a side-hustle a man can have to add more oomph to the bank book.

These days, guys who do like having an extra revenue stream turn to Youtube (the company stated that those earning six figures or more continues to grow at a rate of 40% each year!).

For some dudes, success is as easy as recording a quick two to three minute rant on the iPhone, hitting the upload button and BOOM – instant YouTube money.

All of this is about to change.

2017 was a very bad year for Youtubers. 90% of content creators made $100 or less for the entire year, with average revenue down to $2.50.

In order to keep Alphabet shareholders happy and enticing would-be PewdiePies and WonderWomans to emerge and lure advertisers back to the fold, YouTube is now setting the threshold at 1000 subscribers and a minimum of 4000 hours of watch time over the past year.

Does not matter how long your YouTube channel has been in existence – If your channel doesn’t meet those requirements, kiss that lucre goodbye.

You can read all of the gory details here.

The Laws Of The Side Hustle

There is a very important lesson to be learned from this YouTube news.

If you’re still in the side-hustle phase, it is absolutely crucial that you remember the golden rule:

He who has the gold makes the rules.

There’s nothing sadder than watching a man apply himself to building something from nothing and then having a force beyond his control wipe out all his hard work on a whim.

That’s exactly what just happened with these Changes to the Youtube Partner Program. Millions of creators who invested their time and energy will be stripped of additional income on a whim.

If you build a business using platforms like Amazon, YouTube, Facebook or even Shopify, you are at the mercy of the puppeteer.

Amazon can cancel your seller account in a heartbeat.

“That’s OK, I also sell on Shopify.”

Well, guess what – Shopify has the power (and right – read the terms of service), to pull the plug on your store at a moment’s notice.

Some guys have built impressive Facebook groups that have resulted in a lucrative revenue stream…that is until Facebook sees fit to shutdown your account and cut you off from the members of your group.

You need to own as much of your distribution/access channel as possible.

All those big players like YouTube and Amazon should only be components of whatever endeavor you build. Nothing more.

That way, if one of these income streams goes dry, it is merely a headache and not a Code Red Emergency.


You Might Also Be Stripped Of
Your “Foreign Novelty” Status


Have you ever enjoyed the pleasures of being a foreign novelty?

“Uh, what is that?”

A foreign novelty is what YOU are when you visit a foreign land and the way you look and/or sound makes you appealing to the natives of said land.

Many a man has discovered that, depending on the country you visit, just your skin color or accent alone can be enough to lure the easy lovin’ of the ladies they encounter.

Japan has long been reputed as a honey heaven for western dudes…

…until now.

Long known as a bastion of machine-like labor, Japan has burned out many of its male population with its insistence on non-stop work, but these days, women are feeling the bite and it’s hitting them in the heart.

60% of Japanese women say they feel entirely too tired to date thanks to their exhausting work schedules and they’re refusing the once popular alternative, dating a coworker, and just accepting the situation for what it is.


If Not Japan, Then Where?

360 million people who speak English might sound like a lot, but given that we have a global population of 7.6 billion souls, that means many babes in the far-away lands are hung up on your accent.

Latin America is great for western men. The reason for this being that most Central and South American countries are largely mono-racial, giving the population little in the way of diverse physical traits.

Then there are Scandinavian enclaves which, much like Latin nations, are largely monocultural.

Iceland’s also great because their isolated location and small populations means locals have to be careful with who they date, which plays out in your favor.

How careful do Icelanders have to be?

One chap created an app to determine if that cute girl you met at the bar and are about to bring home happens to be your cousin (they call it “accidental Incest”)

But, feareth not – if you had your heart set on meeting Asian women and Japan looks to be a no-go, it just so happens that the number #1 country for foreign lotharios to visit is close by.

“Weak minds sink under prosperity as well as adversity; but strong and deep ones have two high tides.”

David Hare

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