How To Become An Iconic Male

jordan peterson

Pay close heed, dear chap, as there are two very cautionary takeaways to be had in the missive that follows.

Over the past year and a half, a man from Toronto has been making quite a name for himself after taking a terse stand against popular public sentiment.

That man is Jordan Peterson.

His notoriety stemmed from his (rather simple) refusal to recognize a person’s right to be addressed using genderless pronouns like “they” or “ze” instead of “he” or “she.”

One could argue that his stance isn’t merely political, but that of a middle-aged man who got fed-up with self-righteous kids from the suburbs telling him how he should speak.

Adding to his new-found status as a thought-leader are his three appearances on the Joe Rogan show.

Instant Bogeyman, Just Add Water

Though Peterson likely didn’t choose that specific date to make his stand, he just so happened to do so at the final rally Trump’s presidential campaigning, drawing him comparisons to the GOP leader.

You may have noticed some of your more left-leaning connections on Facebook accusing Peterson of ideological extremism, and the media is now jumping on that very bandwagon.

Do read that article very carefully, as despite your political stripes, both sides of the spectrum are guilty of the message manipulation described in that piece.


  1. The internet has increased the polarities between the right and left. Both camps are more closed-off to opposing viewpoints than ever. So if you so choose to take a stand in this day and age, count on catching a great deal of flack (especially if Joe rogan has you on his show).
  1. If you do get asked to voice your opinion, always listen carefully before you speak – you never know if you’re being led into a trap.

Cursing Like A Sailor = Honesty & Integrity

While there was once a time when being a gentleman required you to speak as though you had a pickle up your posterior, it appears at though times have (thankfully) changed.

Minding your P’s and Q’s today actually instills distrust in the people you communicate with.

Thanks to a new study, you can now trade in the pickle up the posterior for some pirate-mouth without fear of coming off as a knuckle-dragging troglodyte.

According to the study, dropping bombs, whether on the street, at the local pub or even at the office gives those around you a perception of integrity.

So next time your scarfing down turkey at the family thanksgiving dinner and you compliment her on making a “fucking good bird” and she scolds you for it, you can just tell her: “I’m just keepin’ shit real, ma – now pass the fucking gravy.

Proof No Woman Is Out of Your League –
Even If She’s Bonafide Major League



Cursing Like A Sailor = Honesty & Integrity

While there was once a time when being a gentleman required you to speak as though you had a pickle up your posterior, it appears at though times have (thankfully) changed.

There is hardly a more classic episode of Seinfeld than the one where George Costanza secures a date with the gorgeous Marisa Tomei and actually starts making some headway with her.

Last year, a man by the name of John Goehrke made a bet with tennis star Genie Bouchard that resulted in the two going out on a date.

And now, as of this month, they are going on what appears to be date #5 (some say date #2, but social media pics have debunked that).

Guys, this is a literal “reach for the stars” story and proof that nothing is out of reach.

One caveat, of course – like with the Jordan Peterson situation, the downside of starting a relationship with a celebrity means you are now a defacto celebrity of sorts and thrusts you into the public eye…

…which is a very far-seeing, all-encompassing eye.

Go for it…but caveat emptor.


Left, Right…What’s The Difference?

Whereas John Goehrke didn’t waste a minute wondering what could have been with Genie Bouchard, Hayden Moll of Missouri found the girl who instantly hooked his heart on first sight…
…and accidentally swiped left, leaving him to sadly what could have been with “Claudia”.

Moll didn’t ponder for too long – he channeled his inner Goehrke and did what some might call insane endeavor: he looked up the name “Claudia” in the University of Missouri and emailed every single girl by that name that came up in the results.

His efforts paid off.

While Claudia found Moll’s efforts to be more charming than creepy, some experts believe such behavior, especially for the affections of someone you’ve never met can equate to unhealthy obsessions.

Take for example this story of a Canadian dentist who visited Ireland.

He encountered a local woman in a cafe for only two minutes and was quite charmed by her, but forgot that very important rule of dating: get a means of contact or forever be damned to wondering what could’ve been.

Unlike Moll, Crocker didn’t even have so much as a first name to work with – only a vague description: she had “reddish brown hair and freckles”.

Reddish brown hair and freckles in Ireland…talk about the ultimate needle in a needlestack.

A hero is no braver than an ordinary man, but he is brave five minutes longer.

Ralph Waldo Emerson