Got one hell of a YouTube share for you today and it just so happens to fall into one of DappChap’s favorite categories from YT > ASMR.

Where to begin with what makes this video special? Oh yeah – the obvious – as you can see, the host of the video is very kind to the eyes.

Those sweet looks are also generously enhanced by the equipment she uses, which she totally forgets to mention in the video description. This of course not only deprives us of the opportunity to get that same crisp look, she also cheating herself of some valuable affiliate income.

Now, not quite sure where you sit on the fence when it comes to reiki, but this video will certainly challenge any doubts you may have about this, uh, “mystical” healing art.

Combine the fact that this is ASMR reiki and you’re in for some serious relaxation.

Suggestion: close the door to the room you’re watching this in and plug in some ear buds. Resist the temptation to surf on your phone – just throw yourself into this video and I’m willing to bet you’ll be a subscriber to CatPlantASMR’s channel before the video ends.

Turning to ASMR reiki because you’re having sleeping issues?

That’s what led me to discover ASMR in the first place and use it on a regular basis, but depending on your level of insomnia, you might need even more.

These wrap-around sleep headphones / blinders have all the features to help you get videos like this one to put you into the state you need for optimal zzz’s.

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