Here’s the full gallery of the top undercuts for men are rocking these days…

While undercuts for men took a bit of a nosedive during the 70s and 80s, they started to make a comeback in the 90s and have managed to stick around.

Today, more men are embracing the style as it lends itself perfectly to different hair types and lengths of hair.

In this guide, we put together a collection featuring undercuts that also suit facial types and a variety of overall fashion styles.

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This is a great end-to-end look – strong on contrast, perfect for longer face types, too.

And here’s another take on the previous picture, different dude.

Some might call this a “toupee” undercut, but it’s an ideal option for men with very thick hair.
combover undercut

undercuts for black men

undercut side part

Pompadour Undercut

If you choose to go with an undercut that employs a longer length of hair, be ready to put extra work into your morning styling routine.

Mushroom undercut

With this variation the top is kept longer while the taper is lowered for a fuller body look.

Messy undercut

Want to keep it longer on top, but not be saddled with a lengthy styling routine?

Go with the faux-messy look – he’s making it work and you can too.

curly hair undercut

Have very curly or wavy hair?

Here’s a tight undercut option for your hair type.

Mohawk undercut

The least conservative of the style is going mohawk – bonus points if you throw a Bad Religion hoodie into the mix.

Long combover undercut

This is a very cool variation on the combover undercut.

The length is longer than average and is swept right over the top of the head and then styled.


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