Top 13 Undercuts For Men 2020: Continually Updated Guide

undercuts for men

Here’s the full gallery of the top undercuts for men are rocking these days:

adam levine tapered undercut

mens undercut beard wavy

mens undercut mohawk



slicked back undercut

undercut combover beard

undercut fade beard

undercut thick hair




Undercut HairstylesTime is indeed moving faster. Last time the undercut was hot was in the 80s.

The last time the undercut was hot before that was in the 30s.

<<<<< Now we all have grown accustomed to this variation of the undercut in the past couple of years, however some aficionados have decided to take this slick cut to new levels, which is what we’re going to look at today.

It’s to say, the undercut looks like its here to stay for a lot longer this time around and that’s especially the case since this cut has a way of helping men get around a receding hair line.

The Karma Chameleon

Long-Hair-undercut-MenRemember Boy George?

Probably safe to say that most people would rather not remember the bombastic 80s pop icon.

However, his hairstyle appears to be making a comeback.

Now while this is definitely not a corner office-cut, the gent in the picture wears the do very well and takes back what Boy George had taken away from the under cut.


First of the Mohicans

By now we all know the woman’s formula for the undercut:

undercut hairstyle

Alright, let’s get over the fact that Natalie Dormer is insanely hot for a moment (especially with that haircut).

As you can see, the shave runs narrowly down the back-end of her head, leaving the tresses in the back perfectly intact. Such is the nature of the undercut for women.

So the question here is, can this look work for men without making them look like extras for a Blink 182 video shoot?

Let’s see…

faux hawk undercutHere’s how Brazilian football player, Neymar da Silva Santos Júnior (just call him Neymar) has embraced the tapered undercut.

Looks quite similar to Natalie’s, with the exception of the hard front slope and the complimentary shadow beard.

Perhaps we’ll one day publish a post entirely dedicated to Neymar’s 247 variations of the undercut and related hairstyles.

Thinking of going with the tapered under cut?

Cool, but just so you know in advance, THIS is what people will see when they’re walking behind you:


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