This past week has not been kind to Ben Shapiro.

While Ben is quite accustomed to being met with nasty comments on Twitter or being met with protestors when attending speaking engagements, there’s no doubt he was caught off guard by the criticism leveled at his latest target.

One thing’s for sure, Shapiro has no doubt learned a valuable lesson in being more self-aware and sticking to topics he’s actually an expert in.

Who was the target?

Cardi B.

What was the scope of the video?

It largely centered on how a lady’s “naughty parts” are gross if they’re not dry.

No, I am not making this up.

Ben has written an endless array of books, articles and papers on the subjects of politics and the economy.

But when it comes to adult playtime?

He comes across as a prudish little virgin.

Could keep going on about this, but perhaps witnessing the trainwreck for yourself will be a little more fun…


Know who else you can’t trust?

Golddiggers who straight up TELL YOU they’re golddiggers.

I mean, thanks for the head’s up and all, but if a woman openly admits to being a shameless cash-siphon like Anfisa did on 90-Day Fiance, that’s your queue to run.

If you watched the anti-saga that was Jorge and Anfisa’s ‘romance’ you saw for yourself what this lad was willing to sacrifice in order to have someone by his side…

…that is until he went to jail for trying to make more money to feed his golddigger’s appetite for OPM and once that happened, she left his side.

Well, when a man is broken, alone and rotting in prison, his options are pretty limited.

If you’re curious as to what happened to Jorge after he went up the river, check out the video.


Let’s make this a solid week of people you simply cannot trust.

Next up to bat… VEGANS (the militant ones)!

As a libertarian, I believe people are entitled to eat as they wish and would not try to encumber dietary choices.
However, I clicked on a video about best food to eat for optimal brain health, within minutes I was getting blasted with anti-delicious meal propaganda.