The Ultimate Newsletter Building Guide

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Have you been thinking of spending $1K – $3K on a course that teaches you how to start a newsletter?

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These resources just might help you build the multi-million dollar publishing business you always dreamed of without spending a single penny on courses.

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If you haven’t started a newsletter yet, or you’re planning on launching a new one, be sure to prepare.

Read this before anything else: The Five Types of Indie Newsletters

Case Studies of Highly Successful Newsletters:

How I grew to 10K Subscribers

Grow your newsletter from 0 to 100K

Building an audience of 150K for a newsletter about…Pickleball

How I built a $120k/yr newsletter with less than 5 hours of work a week


52 Ways to Grow Your Email List

Monetizing your Audience:

The core monetization models for newsletters