The following story in regards to allegations against female gamer Cinnpie that she had sexually assaulted a male gamer when he was but 14 years old.

I know this video will certainly bring in a lot of dislikes, but I’m not doing it simply to stir controversy – I’m doing it because I am genuinely perplexed at how this is AUTOMATICALLY viewed by the men’s rights movement.

This is not about whether or not Puppeh’s alleged relationship to Cinnpie is illegal or not.

While state laws do vary, the alleged relationship Cinnpie had with Puppeh was illegal across the country.

The more lenient states would have allowed for Puppeh to have an OGYG relationship with a girl no more than 5 years his elder.

This is about opening up a deeper discussion about older girl/younger guy relationships, which I’ll refer to as OGYG going forward and trying to determine why they’re so automatically reviled by the men’s rights movement.

I also have a couple of questions at the end of this video that I feel we need to have a vital discussion about, so do stick around to take part in that discussion.

So, let’s begin with how the relationship started for the sake of perspective.

Puppeh Cinnpie

The friendship between these gamers began to get sexual when Cinnpie allegedly tackled Puppeh to the ground while drunk and making out with him at a gaming tournament.

Puppeh’s take on the alleged incident: “I was pretty much just in shock the entire time it was happening. I wasn’t really opposed to it though since I was 14 at the time and I liked her a lot.”

Puppeh also stated that he and Cinnpie frequently slept in the same bed and would make out a lot. Those make out session in bed would eventually lead to oral sex.

This brought me to going over the list of individual state laws on the age of consent and it certainly is astounding.

Cinnpie hails from Virginia (which is too ironic) – a state where the age of consent is 18. The only exception to the rule being that a consensual sexual relationship between two minors aged 15, 16 or 17 is legal so long as neither partner in the relationship is 18 or older.

When I was 14, I was somewhat under-developed like Puppeh was, but my hormones were already in hyper-drive.

I was always asking girls out on dates and had a piss-poor batting average, but as much as the rejection would sting, I was driven to keep going on.

If an attractive older girl like Cinnpie offered herself to me when I was 14, there is no chance in hell I would’ve said ‘no’.

And it would have been the same for any of the guys I went to high school with back then – then would’ve been all over that in a heartbeat with zero regrets.

That’s why it’s so mind-boggling to hear those who oppose OGYG relationships AUTOMATICALLY fire away with “what if it was the other way around, the guy would get thrown in jail”.

Well, that argument just doesn’t work.

By and large, young men are very base in nature and sexual relationships are more suited to their mindset and emotional intelligence at that age.

Opposite for girls – from the start, females are more given to commitment by nature and lead with their hearts, which makes them more susceptible to manipulative predators of an older age.

Of course, there will be exceptions to the rule.

Some guys will become emotionally attached to the older girl they’re involved with and when the relationship ends, they’ll confuse sex with love and feel as though they’ve been “assaulted” because the joy they felt had been taken away from them.

Puppeh is one of the exceptions to the rule in that he comes off as very sensitive in nature, which is by no means a bad things.

Give me the choice between hanging out with someone kind and sensitive in nature and some loud, abrasive asshole and 10 times out of ten, I’ll choose the sensitive dude.

Just take a look at some of the quotes from Puppeh and you’ll see that he isn’t struggling with and assault, but with the experience of heartbreak at a very young age:

We spent basically every week together during that summer so that on top of the sexual things we would do made me start to develop pretty strong feelings towards her.”

I would have to play her in doubles tournaments on a weekly basis pretty much and she would be teaming with her boyfriend during those times. That would especially hurt me.”

I am writing this in hopes to simply just be at peace with myself and move on from this period of my life. I have been depressed for so long in major part due to that summer. I’m tired of hurting over this and being afraid to speak out.”

Following up on this whole story, Puppeh updated the public with the following tweet:

My heart genuinely goes out to him. My first real heartbreak happened when I was in my early thirties, so I can only imagine how this is affecting him.

However, while I have a lot of sympathy for what the lad is going through, I still feel that the automatic attacks on OGYG relationships are unwarranted and rigid.

And this brings us to the debate we should be having – and if you do have an opinion to contribute, let’s keep it clean and avoid attacks.

> First question – Is this a generational thing? Did the internet enable the men’s rights and incel movement, prompting a whole group of men to automatically denounce OGYG relationships?

> Gaming has been linked lower testosterone and sex drive – why aren’t we having this discussion? When I was 14 I played video games, but as a pastime. By no means were they a lifestyle. There will be a video on this subject in the future.

> Finally, the killer question I have yet to hear someone in the men’s rights movement admit – have you ever chastised an OGYG relationship out of jealousy?

Anyone who admits to this has my utmost respect.

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