I’m going to pull back the curtain and show you with an experiment I ran for 30 days.

Adopting this method for your channel could help you grow a YouTube channel fast – or at least, faster than the majority of creators.

What you’ll discover in this post:

  • The system I created to increase my video production speed at least 5X
  • The free resource that helps me get the best rankings
  • How many videos you actually need to create each month to see progress
  • And finally, the results my experiment yielded

Why Did This Have to Happen?:

Like a lot of YouTube fans out there, I’d love to have a successful YouTube channel.

In fact, prior to the infamous Adpocalypse, I did have a channel that was generating money.

Getting back in has proven more challenging each year since the Adpocalypse has passed.

Looking back now, I don’t know what exactly inspired it, but I decided to revive an old channel to see how quickly I could build an audience.

My time is limited, so I had to set some ground rules.

The Rules of the Mission

In order to grow a YouTube channel fast, I wanted to arm myself with a foundation that would keep me on course and so, I set up three rules that I was to stick with no matter what.

Rule #1 – To eliminate re-takes and editing work, I was going to switch to an A.I. generated voice software (the results were shocking).

Rule #2 – Scripts had to be written within 10 minutes. Spoiler: I’ve gone over the mark several times in the name of quality. I refuse to put out low-value crap.

Rule #3 – Seeing how many creators use everything from footage of their gaming to footage of waterfalls to compliment their audio content, I wanted to do the same.

Why I use Speechelo for Audio:

1) I’ll never figure out how some talking-head creators do it.

Sure, there are some who use teleprompters, but there are some elite creators out who can spit out their on the fly.

They don’t miss a beat, they don’t forget any part of their points or stories.

To those creators who can do that, hats off!

But if you’re like me and have way too many thoughts going through your head at once to record on the fly, then the A.I. option is for you.

2) Then there’s what I call camera freeze – sure, your logical mind knows you can edit afterward, but you still think that because your camera is on, the world can see you screw up.

3) Even if I have a script in front of me, I still CONSTANTLY screw up my lines. No idea why this happens, but it’s been a problem of mine for a long time.

4) No need to edit after recording – what more needs to be said? Once you’ve picked all the right settings, A.I. generated voices nail it on the first take every time.

If you go to the results of the experiment, I have a VERY intriguing insight to show you as to how the A.I. voice performed.

YouTube Crystal Method Mini-Course

Take the FREE course - delivered by email - showing you how to produce videos faster than ever. Find out how some creators crank out quality method in as little as 30 minutes.

Visuals (surprising outcome):

I’m the type of guy who likes a lot of YouTube content that’s large on audio content.

What that means is, the visual aspect isn’t important.

Example: I love ItsAGundam.

While his videos have some funny and entertaining visuals, they aren’t important.

You could listen to every second of his 12-minute video and lose nothing from not watching the visuals.

So when I initially started my mission to grow a YouTube channel fast as I can, it meant doing away with lengthy video edits.

I initially used footage of me driving around my town, but found that my video engagement went up when I cobbled together some stock video footage.

Getting that precious SEO Juice:

Given that YouTube and Google are both owned by Alphabet, you can be sure that the Tube gets preferential treatment in Google’s search rankings.

I will never publish a video without getting as many of the most valuable tags I can get.

While there are a number of keyword tools out there, I prefer to stick with the exact source I’m publishing on: YouTube.

Follow these steps:

1) Enter the main topic of the video you plan to publish.

2) Once you get the search results, click on filters, then select the ‘View Count’ option.

YouTube will then list all of the most-watched videos in the category your soon-to-be published video will belong to.

Simply copy the URL of those videos and drop them into Joydeep and that’ll give you the tags the creators of those videos used.

You’ll notice that sometimes, a video with as many as 25 million views will have no tags.

This isn’t a mistake – some creators just got lucky and scored a viral hit without any SEO work, which is getting a lot harder to do.

The Results


Grow a YouTube Channel Fast

Pretty Amazing.

YouTube Crystal Method Mini-Course

Take the FREE course - delivered by email - showing you how to produce videos faster than ever. Find out how some creators crank out quality method in as little as 30 minutes.

In just one month:

  • I added 29 new subscribers.
  • Got 321 hours of watch time.

I initially set out to publish 3 videos a day.

My goal was not to hit a homerun with any given video, but to have each of those three videos give me a certain amount of views.

As you already know, it takes 4000 hours of watch time to get into the partner program.

If you only got 321 hours of watch time per month, you’d get into YouTube’s partner program in 12 months.

But when you’re making evergreen content, it works the other way.

The videos you made the month before are adding watch time hours in each following month.

So with this system, you could find yourself in the partner program within four to six months so long as you stay the course (which is always easier said than done).

Bottom Line: There is NO need for 3 videos a day.

I decided to dial it back a little and found that ONE video a day was more than enough.

Grow a YouTube Channel Fast – Final Recap:

1) AI voice software may not be as sexy as the real thing, but you’ll move as much as 8 times faster when a software is doing all the audio work. AND you won’t have to do any audio edits after the fact.

Here’s what’s intriguing – I tested the A.I. voice against my own natural voice and there was barely any change in watch time. The A.I. voice had a higher bounce rate, but those who stayed, consumed large chunks of the video.

2) Stick to stock footage for visuals. You can get a lot of royalty-free footage at no cost at Pixabay.

3) Use Joydeep to swipe what creators with MrBeast-like numbers are doing to rank their videos.

4) When it comes to making thumbnails, stick to Canva – with hundreds of pre-designed templates, you’ll save a ton of time.

If you want to share how the results of the system has helped your channel, I’d love to hear it.

YouTube Crystal Method Mini-Course

Take the FREE course - delivered by email - showing you how to produce videos faster than ever. Find out how some creators crank out quality method in as little as 30 minutes.