hot teachersThese hot teachers will restore your faith in male/female relations

Forget all about Tubes and Hubs (challenging as that may be) – hot teachers are fulfilling fantasies in real life and now you get to enjoy it vicariously.

We’ve rounded up a list of hot teachers that will no doubt be titillating for some (you know…men with warm red blood flowing through their veins) and controversial for others (uptight religious gorgons who hate fun stuff like getting laid).

Yes, what you’re about to dig into is the ultimate collection of smoking hot teachers who’ve taken positions as professors…only to end up in several intimate positions with their very eager and willing male pupils.

The end result:

The hot teachers you’ll meet here are treated as predators and face everything from jail time to having to re-invent themselves after their careers are grounded to a pulp.

It’s not always easy on the guys, either.

Some of the young men who’ve enjoyed the peach they got in return for bringing the teacher an apple have fought tooth and nail to defend them against the judicial system as well as their own parents.

So if you ever dreamed of getting hot and heavy with one of your gorgeous teachers, but never had the fantasy fulfilled, here’s proof that it could’ve happened for you under the right circumstances:


Hot teacher #1: Christine T.

This is one of the cases where the student in question felt compelled not to tell his pals or confess to his parents, but to inform the police of what he’d been up to with his teacher.

What sets this lovely apart from many of her cohorts is that at the time she bedded down her student, she was 26, while most other teeches turning to the virile are in their thirties.

With a smile like that one, she probably won’t have much of a hard time moving past the incident and finding a sweet beta who can find it in himself to disregard the whole affair.



Hot Teacher #2: Stacy M.

Who doesn’t think (real) gingers are hot? So take a look at this picture.

Hot redhead teacher…

Sitting legs akimbo…

…holding a bag of ice.

This is like reverse-kryptonite for guys who are in the midst of transitioning from sex-padawans to sex-jedis.

“You should have taken steps to distance yourself from the young man rather than repeatedly encouraging his lust” said the judge, a 65-year-old virgin.


Hot Teacher #3: Kathryn W.

You know you’re a smoke show when you can make a friggin’ mugshot look this appealing.

Don’t know how to describe her look other than she has an air of Liv Tyler about her.

The teacher has denied all allegations, however…SnapChat is part of the equation so uh…yeah.




teacher-arrested-had-sex-with-studenHot Teacher #4: Jennifer H.

Dude, seriously?

The mother of the lad  involved in this lustfest was the one to hit the panic button.

Didn’t she realize her son was banging the deep-south equivalent of Bjork?

Turns out that school administrators are the ones who caught on to this one.

Not because of the sex, but because of the gifts she was giving her padawan when she wasn’t busy showing him the ways of the force.




Hot Teacher #5: Jenna L.

Take a good look at that crown on this bright blue-eyed beauty’s head.

Typically that crown indicates that after a certain period of marriage, said beauty reserves the legal right to confiscate her husband’s dough after she decides it’s time to hit the big ‘D’ button.

Such is usually the scenario. Not here though. Three years after getting love-boned by one of her student, SHE is the one getting taken to the cleaners.

Just goes to show that an OP (original pimp, not original poster, BTW) can teach the teacher a thing or two.


hot teacher seduces studentHot Teacher #6: Jennifer F.


OK – take a good look at this pic. Let’s say you’re the judge.

She banged four of her students (this is what is known).

Try to think back to high school and how much it sucked.

Wouldn’t a teacher like this one and her insatiable appetite helped you devote more of yourself to your studies?

Come to think of it, maybe not.

PS – Dark blue is the new black.


constant-sex-with-studentHot Teacher #7: Caroline B.

While the ever gorgeous Bree Olsen might be done with the world of porn, her doppelganger has emerged in the form of a very horny teacher.

How horny?

She managed to empty her pupil’s loins on 80 occasions over a few weeks.

Here’s where it got weird: the lad MOVED IN with Caroline, leading him to the rightful assumption that they had a “real” relationship – but when such proved false…he picked up the phone, called the authorities and that was all she wrote.



teacher-sex-with-a-studentHot Teacher #8: Haeli W.

Sometimes one student isn’t enough.

You just gotta go doubles and that’s what Haeli had going on.

Unfortunately, it’s this very fire that would lead to her undoing as the first lad she knocked boots with dropped a dime on her after he found out that he wasn’t the only dude in the picture.

This one’s even kind of epic.

Not only does it take place in Texas…

…the affair even carries on in Africa where she accompanied dude #1 when he went to visit family.

Who knows?

If she had held out until Africa, that could’ve prevented the whole shebang from turning into a legal matter.


teacher-pregnant-from-studentHot Teacher #9: Alexandria V.

Talk about an appetite for seduction.

Our girl here was getting it on with her student on a daily basis.

Wanna hear something cool about this one?

This is one of the very rare cases where the parents actually approved of what was going on.

Good thing for that, because all that daily grinding led to a pregnancy.

Note to aspiring lotharios – this affair got it’s start on Instagram.





hot-teacher-cheats-on-husbandHot Teacher #10: Sara D.

Now here’s where things get really spicy.

Apparently the lad Liz here got jiggy with must have been one hell of a stud, because…

…she was banging him the entire time she was planning her wedding.

Hell, she even got nasty with the object of her lust on the night of her husband-to-be’s bachelor party.

Once again, one student wasn’t enough and taking on a second bedroom protege proved her undoing.

Kinda feel sorry for the fiance. This can’t be good for the ol’ self-esteem.





seductive-teacherHot Teacher #11: Brianne A.

Alright, remember who we’ve already covered two hot teachers who played with fire by taking on more than one sexual muse?

Our girl here wasn’t satisfied with mere fire play.

Nope – she wanted to play with an inferno.

She went for the trifecta.

Yes, that’s right – she had a rotation of three guys that she was working through.

The result?

Well, obviously, you’re seeing her here because everyone found out.


Bonus Round: Double Trouble!

hot teacher threesome with student

Getting your freak on with just one teacher would be very satisfying for many young men.

So imagine how some lucky lad in Louisiana felt when he scored with not just one, but TWO hot teachers…at the same time!

Yes, this dude got a threesome one with two of his teachers.

Now, you have to understand that there is no getting out of this unscathed.

The babe on the right (married mother of three) clearly didn’t think this through.

Everyone knows that if a lad scores THIS big…he absolutely must tell everyone and anyone that’ll listen.


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