I watched this live and I have to tell you that watching a recorded version doesn’t do it justice.

Why’s that?

First – watch the replay.

Well, it’s really all about that whole theory of relativity thing – when Trudeau was asked the following question a question that, to be fair to the Canadian prime minister was a double-ended question that amounted to a choice of “either cut out your right eye with a rusty spoon…or cut out your left eye with a rusty spoon.”

We’re talking about zero-margin for winning here.

I mean, it was a question that only a devious reporter with nothing but the intent to sabotage the hell out of his country’s leader then sit back and giggle his ass off could conceive.

Mission accomplished – the no-win question resulted in Trudeau going full retard for exactly 21 seconds.

I know – really not a long time…but when you’re watching this live and you have no idea what he’s going to say, or most importantly, when he’s finally going to start saying it, that 21 seconds felt like an hour.

Here’s something you need to know about Trudeau. He used to be a contender.

His supporters saw him as bold and confident.

His opponents saw him as an arrogant prick from a privileged background.

Then shit started to get real (as they usually do when you become the leader of a country).

Justin started to discover that other world leaders didn’t care about his good looks. They also didn’t find him anywhere near as charming, endearing and charming as his legion of soccer-mom supporters back home.

Then along came Trump – party’s over for Trudeau.

When Trump took over as the leader of Canada’s largest training partner, he put his unapologetic narcissism and classroom harassment against Trudeau’s unicorn dust effect.

At first it looked as though the two might actually have a workable relationship, until this happened…

From there on in, the relationship began to implode with Trump doing everything from calling Trudeau two-faced to using his political clout to punish Canada for his growing disdain of his nemesis in Ottawa.

Fast not too far forward and we’re in the age of COVID – come this point, Trudeau’s handlers saw fit to give him advice he should have ignored.

Grow a beard and let your hair grow out. The beard will make you look like a war-time leader and the messy hair will make you relatable.”

Relatable how? I know a lot of people are out or work these days, but last time I checked they weren’t sleeping behind dumpsters and eating pizza crusts they dug out of the trash.”

Looking like homeless does not make you relatable.

It was a pretty piss-poor artificial attempt to make Trudeau appear like an older, wiser leader in crazy times.

Canada’s been hijacked by the Big Lebowski.

Here’s a look at handsome Justin:


And here’s a look at back alley shopping cart Justin:

Just what in the fuck is that?

Now, let’s see how aging for wisdom works with…Ewan McGregor.

Here he is handsome and dashing:

ewan mcgregor vs justin trudeau

And here he is looking handsome, dashing AND wise:

Notice how he doesn’t look like he sleeps with 19 dogs in an abandoned factory and has a raging case of scabies?

Oh – another thing – look at all the gray in that beard. For all the salivating soccer moms having continual momgasms over Sir Justin, here’s the reality.

The dude’s grey all over. Your beard cannot be that gray while your head of hair is lush and resplendent with colour.

So this brings us to what might be the main reason behind Justin’s deer-in-the-headlights reaction to being invited to slam Trump or to condemn himself instead.

He’s well aware that his game has gone down in flames.

He already knows he gets on the nerves of other leaders.

He looks like a homeless bum.

He has to accept that a narcissistic simpleton like Donald Trump owns him.

It also doesn’t help that he’s running a minority government right now, which means that in Canada, he can essentially get bounced out of a job in a heartbeat, helping him fulfill that homeless book he’s rocking.

This is not some plea for someone to stand up and bring integrity to politics.

However, hopefully this serves as a cautionary tale against…caution.

Yes, Donald Trump is a loud obnoxious douche who makes everyday feel like grade 5 again, but at least he doesn’t pause for 21 seconds looking for a way to avoid rocking the boat.