Has Netflix found the premise for it’s next TV show?

Never trust a mob mentality. When emotions run deep, and resentment has been boiling beneath the surface for too long, you have a recipe for disaster.

We’re starting to see it with the #MeToo movement.

Recently, however, we’ve seen what happens when the #MeToo movement gets used for political gain by way of false allegations and said allegations get debunked.

The name Patrick Brown might not mean anything to you, but he was, up until January, the leader of Ontario’s Conservative party.

Out of the blue, two anonymous women come forward with allegations that Brown had pressured them to get hot.

What’s most fishy about this story (aside from the accusers being anonymous) is that Ontario’s next election is but a few months away and Brown’s Conservative party was poised to secure a majority of house seats.


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And Then Atlas Shrugged

Before going too deep into the story, one thing that bears mentioning is that Brown was considered a controversial leader in that he wasn’t afraid to promote party stances that chafed with older, less flexible careerists in the party.

This would explain why they placed such intense pressure on him to immediately resign in light of the allegations instead of standing by his side.

In his parting press conference, a shocked Brown vowed to clear his name.

For the most part, he has succeeded in debunking both stories against him with the help of witnesses present the nights both incidents were claimed to have happened.

After presenting the public with his meticulous reconstruction of the facts, CTV – the news station that broke the news of the allegations, admitted that it had rushed through with their coverage.

TD;LR – Patrick Brown is now running in the election race to replace himself (yep – bizarre). He is also suing CTV (especially after it was discovered that one of Brown’s accusers won a journalism award from CTV).


We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Jobs!

How often do we hear someone talking shit about Millennials?

Sure, some stereotypes might well be true, but let’s face it – when it comes to the work world, they’re not quite as lazy as older generations make them out to be.

It’s more like they’re disenchanted.

What do they have to be disenchanted about?

Well, let’s start with the fact that running an office the same way since 1965 has been unappealing to several generations.

If the majority of people weren’t disenchanted with life in the office, the lottery industry would simply not exist.

Millennials Strike Back

Older generations resent their jobs and employers every bit as much as Millennials, but have been conditioned to “grin and bear it” and restrict themselves to muttering such resentment to coworkers and family.

Millies on the other hand, are taking action.

That 26-year-old slacker at the corner desk?

He’s not really goofing off – he’s saving his energy so that he can build his own business when he clocks out at 5.

So sayeth a two-year study conducted by FreshBooks.

The study projects that by 2020, as much as 27 million Americans will be self-employed and…

…a whopping 42% of them will be Millennials.

From Millennials To Foreskin

You might think there’s no connection with the plight of Millennials seeking to exit Draconian working conditions and outdated management mindsets and foreskin.

But you would be wrong.

Times they be a-chagin’ in the workforce and they are also changing in the space of religious tradition.

For many parents, lopping off their newborn son’s hood cover is the most natural way to welcome the little tyke into the world.

Being a newborn, said son has no comprehension of the situation, nor the wherewithal to protest the situation.

Iceland To The Rescue!

Yes, the great Nordic nation that gave us Bjork…and well, Bjork, is working to illegalize circumcision.

Jewish and Muslim groups have piped up about the proposed bill, calling it an affront to ‘religious freedom’.

Given that if you combine to total number of both groups residing in Iceland, you have a total of 1,750 disgruntled citizens.

Regardless of creed, circumcision (should the bill pass) could net you up to six years in prison.


Too Little, Too Late?

If you happen to be a chap with no flap, you can actually regain what has been lost.

Whether Mom and Dad were behind it or you bought into the myth that women prefer their men cut, science is on your side.

You can get started on the road to foreskin restoration here.


“People do not lack strength; they lack will.”

Victor Hugo