NPC TikTok

Do yo remember the Harlem Shuffle?

No biggie if the answer’s ‘no’.

It was fucking stupid and lasted about as long as it deserved to.

That was back in 2013.

Ten years later, however, social media stupidity has reached a new pinnacle.

It’s so mind-numbingly stupid, I could only imagine how people would’ve reacted if the NPC TikTok virus popped up in 2013 instead of the Harlem Shuffle.

For the unfamiliar, here’s a semi-encyclopedic overview:

What is an NPC Meme?:

The NPC meme originated on internet forums and social media platforms like Reddit and Twitter before spreading to TikTok.

It portrays individuals as “Non-Player Characters” in a video game, suggesting that they lack originality and independent thought.

The term is often used to criticize those who are perceived as blindly following mainstream opinions without critical thinking.

TikTok users created and shared videos using this concept to poke fun at certain behaviors or beliefs.

What about the “Becoming the NPC” Challenge?:

This challenge involved TikTok users playfully embodying the stereotype of an NPC, often wearing mundane outfits, performing repetitive movements, and mimicking scripted interactions.

The videos are usually accompanied by fitting background music or sound effects, emphasizing the idea of being an unremarkable character in a larger social context.

NPC Cutouts and Costumes:

TikTok users have also created videos using cutouts or costumes of classic NPC characters from video games.

These videos typically feature humorous scenarios where the “NPCs” interact with the real world or other characters, making for entertaining and creative content.

It’s important to understand that while these NPC-related trends might have been prevalent on TikTok at a certain point, the platform’s trends and fads change rapidly.

Some trends may have a limited lifespan, while others continue to evolve or inspire new iterations.

So far as we know, however, there are no other trends that come close to this and therefore, we have no idea what it could mutate into.

One can only hope society can’t fall any lower than this.

Guess we’ll just have to wait and see.


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