OnlyFans Stock – of all the tech companies hitting the stock market with IPOs, this could very well be one of the most solid.

When AirBnb hit the stock market and doubled by day two – it made sense.

When DoorDash achieved the same results, that’s a solid no.

So why will the OnlyFans stock be as solid of a bet as AirBnB’s?

To kick things off, let’s take a look at the recent problems with PornHub.

It was recently discovered that PornHub was littered with adult content featuring under-aged girls, sex slaves or victims of revenge porn.

Somewhat grim way to kick off a stock analysis, right?

Not really.

OnlyFans is the antidote to both the potential for exploitation in online porn as well as the extinction of all pre-internet forms of porn.

With 85 million users (and counting), the platform has the tools to grow by leaps and bounds rather than incremental bits.

Here are the key factors that’ll make the OnlyFans stock a solid addition to your portfolio:

1. Girls are there because they want to be

You’ve no doubt heard the stories by now, and in my time working in the porn marketing field, I can assure you they’re true.

There really is a lot of exploitation in the porn industry and more women than you think are coerced into the situation to varying degrees.

With OnlyFans keeping only 20% of the money paid out to its creators, it’s a far more attractive option than the porn industry could ever hope to be.

2. Marketing is kept low as the users generate their own traffic.

We haven’t obtained any official numbers of how much OnlyFans puts into paid advertising.

However, running the URL through analyzers, the site pays a lot less in traffic than its more established competitor, Patreon.

Given that a huge amount of its creators having established social media presences, the platform really doesn’t need to pour much cash into its marketing budget.

At this point, the platform already hosts over one million creators, most of whom are driving their own traffic to OnlyFans.

Free traffic is a very powerful asset.

3. Personalized: You can’t interact with porn, but you sure can with OnlyFans creators.

This is easily THE feature that sets OnlyFans apart from any other platform.

In the old days, you’d watch a sex worker do their thing and, well, that was that.

Now, fans can ask questions, make requests and actually form a personalized bond with creators, depending on their level of openness.

4. Tim Stokley, CEO of OnlyFans, states that the company is adding up to 500,000 new subscribers each day and doling out over $200 Million a month to its creators.

This is reminiscent of the growth rate Amazon enjoyed.

5. The company has already faced its first dire challenge prior to offering OnlyFans stock to the public at large:

In the event that you missed the story of actress Bella Thorne joining the platform, the short story is this: it bombed hard.

See, Bella made $1 million in her first 24 hours on OnlyFans.

How was that a bomb, you might ask?

Well, she promised nude pics of herself, but what paying members actually got were images of her wearing lingerie that, while pleasing to the eye, did not deliver the promised goods.

This led to a slew of chargebacks – so many that most credit card processors freeze your account, preventing you from making money.

Thankfully, the freeze didn’t happen to OnlyFans, but it very well could’ve.

This fiasco led Stockley to implement changes that would ensure fans would never feel shortchanged.

The Bottom Line:

Like AirBnb before it, OnlyFans has its share of competitors, but is running so far ahead, that it’s hard to see any of them catching up.

AirBnb’s competitors have been forced to carve out niches and it can only be presumed that the same will be the case with OnlyFans – especially if the platform can keep drawing in A-game celebrities like Cardi B.