It’s been a couple of years now since 75 Hard hit the scene and it’s really starting to gain traction.
In case you’re not up to speed on what 75 hard is, it boils down to this – It’s a mental strength training program and NOT a diet or workout regime.

The rules are few, but 75 Hard’s founder, Andy, insists that if you don’t follow his rules to a T, then you have to start the whole 75 days all over again.

For two and a half months, participants are expected to:

Follow a diet – You get to choose which one, but it has to be healthy. You can’t be putting yourself on some kind of McDonald’s diet, even if you have a plan to burn those excess calories.

Important note: there shall be zero consumption of alcohol throughout this 75 day period.

You’ll have to complete two 45-minute workouts, one of which must be outdoors.

Take a progress picture – you don’t need to actually post it anywhere, but it needs to be taken.

Drink one gallon of water each day.

Read ten pages of a book – note to cheaters: audio books don’t count.

Is it intense?

You bet it is.

Having tried different programs in the past, I’m going to share what my own plans are with 75 Hard.

I plan on doing what I call 15 soft, then 75 hard.

The program’s creator staunchly states you shouldn’t tailor the program in any way – that you must absolutely do it his way.

Ego, perhaps?

With the rigid expectations thrown your way by the program, I think it only makes sense to plan ahead, especially if you’re expected to start the whole process over again if you slip.

The 75 Hard Secret

Enter 15 Soft.

Ever hear of a soft launch?
Businesses do soft launches all the time as a run up to a hard launch, which is when the world at large is fully notified of a new product or service’s existence.

The 15 soft approach allows you to build new routines and habits that will help make 75 hard more manageable.

If you fuck up at all during that time, no problem – you’re still in the soft launch phase of your transformation. You have that room to experiment.

Here are my recommendations for all of the rules in 75 Hard once you get started:

There will be a link to each resource in the show notes.

With two 45 minutes of exercise per day, you need to choose your exercise sources wisely. Since one of those workouts has to be outside, I’ll be talking a 45 minute hybrid walk and job with a twenty pound weight vest on.

As far as diet goes, if you’re doing this for an initial jolt of weight loss, I’d strongly recommend the keto diet. You’ll see the greatest results the fastest and that will help keep you on track.

Reading is probably the easiest part of the whole formula and the best way to get it done would be to wake up just a bit earlier to squeeze that page count in.

If you need any help in the reading department, start with Jim Kwik’s Limitless.

While 75 Hard is a very good idea that is helping a lot of people, don’t let anyone tell you that preparing for it is wrong.

If you choose to go with this program, you will be drastically altering the structure of your days and that is not something you can change overnight, simply by telling yourself you must.

Proper planning equals success.

There will be more 75 Hard content to follow.


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