Jordan Peterson and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau have both been profiled on DappChap in the past.

One could argue that 2015 is the year both men rose to prominence.

It was the year Peterson took a principled stand against hardcore leftist students- which launched his present career trajectory.

That same year, Trudeau was elected to the head of Canada’s table for the first time.

Since then, lots changed.

Today, Trudeau’s a mere shell of the politician he was when initially elected.

You see, when Trudeau initially came to power, he was met with very little resistance from the Canadian population.

He’d just defeated the Conservatives, who had held power for a decade – which is about the time voters tend to get tired of a regime, regardless of what they’re up to.

In the beginning, women swooned over Justin’s looks and leftists oohed and ahhed over his self-righteous chest-thumping.

Trudeau could do no wrong – no virtue signal went unrewarded.

You can only mess with father time for so long.

Over the years, Trudeau and his Liberal party have racked up numerous scandals which have eroded Trudeau’s pretty boy sheen.

The virtue signals that once garnered mass applause from the soyboys and the he/she/them/they/who/what crowd are now met with disgust, contempt and glazed eyes.

It’s gotten so bad that, well, just watch the video below and see for yourself.

Notice how Trudeau will not, under any circumstance answer any questions head-on?

It’s been his thing for a few years now.

People the world over are so fed up with this tactic that Angus Reid built a Trudeau Tracker!

How Trudeau is ACTUALLY Hurting People

In many of his speeches and his books, Jordan Peterson has driven the point home that telling the truth is paramount to a healthy society.

Without a common thread of truth, the pillars of a society’s integrity come down.

We can already see this happening on social media, where some of Trudeau’s remaining support base lingers.

It really is quite astonishing to see so many grown men and women defending Trudeau’s habit of deflecting direct questions.

The man was always the embodiment of style over substance, but now that his style swiped out from under him, he’s helpless.

Bobbing and weaving around questions and criticism is the only card he knows how to play.

All that said, if you ever find yourself in a situation where all outcomes are difficult, and you’re not quite sure how to approach it, ask yourself “What would Trudeau do?”, then do the opposite.

The consequences might be harsh.

The fallout might even be painful.

However, facing up to this facts and facing them head on with what makes for the true measure of a man.